The stress of traveling somewhere new can be high, as you may be unsure of what exactly you have to bring with you for your journey. The temptation can be to overpack, bringing tons of extra things—just in case! You won’t have to worry about packing a large bag for your adventures to Killington, however, as our vacation rentals make it extremely easy to pack light. Check out some of these incredible Killington travel tips on how you can pack light for your trip to Vermont:

Prepare Meals at the Rental

There is no need to bring food or utensils from home as our vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens. This means each kitchen has all the utensils and cookware you need to create a feast for dinner. Additionally, you will have needed appliances like fridges, ovens, microwaves, and more to cook and store your food. Of course, you can also choose to eat out at our local restaurants; you’ll appreciate having a microwave to heat up leftovers late at night!

Leave the Ski Gear at Home

Killington is known for some incredible skiing during the winter season each year. While many locals bring their ski gear to the mountain, it can be very hard to do so for travelers. Instead, leave your ski gear at home and check out the local gear shops. They will offer gear available by the hour and day, letting you plan out how long you need it for. Better yet, make sure you check out the skiing lessons also available at the shops so you can look great while showing off that gear!

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Washing Clothes is a Necessity

Since you can leave your ski gear at home, all you really need to bring is clothing to keep you warm during the winter (or cool during the summer). In order to stay warm, you probably need a few layers and a heavy coat; this can all add up in pounds sitting in your luggage. Instead of bringing multiple outfits for skiing, just focus on one that can keep you warm as you carve down the mountain. The washing and drying machines at each vacation rental can let you clean up your clothing after each successful trip down the mountain.

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Your Bag is Ready with These Killington Travel Tips

Now that your bag is packed (while still feeling light), you can start planning for your next trip to Killington. Take a look at our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Contact us. We can find you the perfect property that has everything you need on hand!

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