Killington may not be the biggest city in the New England area, but there are plenty of exciting Killington activities and attractions that are only known to the locals. These off the beaten path activities are clear of large groups of tourists and make for quieter moments to enjoy with your family.

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Leffert’s Pond

There are several bodies of water you can relax by in Vermont. Leffert’s Pond may be a smaller body of water but it offers all of the exciting activities that come with the bigger lakes. This local pond often draws the attention of local wildlife looking to get a drink of water during the warmer summer days. Several hiking trails wind around the area, letting you explore the cut off wilderness. Finally, visiting anglers can even try their hand at catching one of the many fish that call the pond home. Don’t let Leffert’s Pond size fool you; there’s plenty to do here!

Buttermilk Falls

Most visitors to Killington will make the short journey to the Thundering Falls for incredible sights. A short drive away out of town you can see Buttermilk Falls, which offers a quieter moment for you to take in. The falls collect into a natural pool at the bottom, giving life to the surrounding forest. While the Buttermilk Falls may not be as big as the Thundering Falls, you will easily have much more space to enjoy around you. Locals claim that Buttermilk Falls is one of the few sites in Vermont that has not been damaged by tourism, so make sure to take care of our hidden locations.

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Stop in The Original General Store

If you are in Killington for some incredible skiing during the winter, make sure to stop at The Original General Store for an early breakfast and goods to take home. This area is home to many historic sites, including F.H. Gilingham & Sons General Store, which has been operating since 1886. Quaint shops such as this are a great way to see how the rich history of Killington continues to this day.

More to Do in Killington

Finding these off the beaten path activities in Killington will make your Vermont vacation getaway even better. Plan for the best vacation possible by choosing our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Luxury amenities await you and your family in each special property. Call today and see which rentals we have available for your next stay in Killington!

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