A trip to Killington always comes with endless unique ways to spend a day. In the winter, you have the amazing opportunities for skiing and snowboarding provided by Killington Peak, and the summer brings sunshine and endless outdoor pursuits. Sandwiched between them, you have the best kept secret in Killington in the fall, when you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are five Killington activities for the perfect fall trip.

Enjoy the Fall Colors

You will never find more brilliant displays of fall colors than you will in Killington during the season. There are trees all around, as far as the eye can see, and they erupt in a beautiful cacophony of vibrant colors during this time. You simply need to walk outside to enjoy it, but for the best view in town, head to the Deer Leap Overlook.

Take a Scenic Drive

This is a simple way to see a whole lot of beautiful sights throughout the Killington area. There are few things more therapeutic than taking a drive through tree-lined roadways immersed in the brilliance of the fall. On top of amazing forest, you can enjoy the sights of historic villages throughout Vermont by driving along one of the area’s 10 byways, like the Crossroad of Vermont Byway that dissects Killington.

One of Our Favorite Killington Activities: Hiking

Fall brings with it incredible weather and less crowded trails than you will find in the summer. The stage is set perfectly for a peaceful hike through the Green Mountains of Vermont. A fall trip to Killington is incomplete without taking a hike or two. Take a casual stroll through Giffords State Park, or try something a bit more challenging along the 2000 mile long section of the Appalachian Trail that runs through town.

Enjoy the Freshest Cuisine of the Year

As a small town, Killington has a special commitment to serving locally sourced foods at many of their classic local establishments. It is always a good time to enjoy some of this amazing comfort food, but as the harvest is in the fall, there is no better time to get the freshest food possible. The Foundry at Summit Pond is one of the most charming and delicious places to go for classic American fair.

The Killington Brewfest

This community takes their beer seriously, and on September 29th comes the greatest celebration of this love for beer. Of course, there are endless examples of delicious local and international beers available for all the tastes you can handle, but the festival provides so much more, as this amazing beer and great food pairs wonderfully with incredible views of the area and great live music. You will not want to miss the Killington Brewfest!

Find a Beautiful Place to Call Home

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