Killington, Vermont has emerged as an amazing place for a vacation, especially for those that love the beauty of the wilderness and the fun you can only find in the outdoors. This is all very evident when you simply take a look around the area. But there are many qualities of this town and area that are not so obvious, but still go a long way in making Killington the amazing place that it is. Here are five Kilington facts you probably don’t know:

Ski Resorts Also Provide Summer Fun

When winter is over, you can still enjoy the incredible heights of Killington’s ski resort. The K1 Express Gondola remains open 7 days a week, so everyone can enjoy this amazing recreation area. The summer is the perfect time for taking the trip to the top in order to enjoy some amazing mountain biking, scenic hikes, and so much more.

Live Music is a Part of Life Here

The community here wants everyone to be able to enjoy the music that comes out of this area, along with the music that comes from out of town bands. One of the best examples of this endeavor is the Cooler in the Mountains Concert Series, which is free. There is nothing like some quality music in a beautiful setting, the best of which you can enjoy from July through Labor Day, every Saturday.

Killington Gets Some of the Best Snow in the State

This is a skiing and snowboarding hotspot because of its awesome mountains, but the weather is another big factor. Killington gets some of the most annual snow of any skiing area in Vermont with average yearly snowfall around 250 inches. Now that’s a lot of powder!

The Appalachian Trail Goes Through Town

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,200-mile hiking trail that extends from northern Georgia all the way into Maine. The section that traverses through Killington is among the most beautiful trails you will ever encounter. Killington is an amazing place for anyone who loves a good hike.

Home of the Best Glass of Wine West of Napa

This is certainly a matter of opinion, but nobody can deny that you can find some great wine in Killington. The town is home to many wineries and vineyards that are always creating classics along with some innovative batches of wine. For a full display of the “wine culture” here, check out the 16th annual Wine Festival the weekend of July 20th.

It Features Some of the Best Real Estate in Vermont

When you visit Killington, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of some of this amazing real estate by booking one of the numerous vacation rentals in town. There is no better way to find the right option for you than by letting the experts at GetAway Vacations help you. We offer both widest selection and greatest quality of Killington homes available for your vacation. See how easy it is to find the vacation rental of your dreams when you book with us today!

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