It’s hard to imagine a better environment for biking. Vermont’s varied terrain and beautiful rural scenery provides opportunities for mountain biking and accommodates bicyclists of all abilities.

In no particular order, here are nine of our favorite places to go Vermont mountain biking

1. Kingdom Vermont Bike Trails

These Vermont bike trails are open to the public all seasons of the year, but do require a pass to be purchased. Kingdom Trails offers an extensive trail network for non-motorized, multi-use recreation activity. These trails are known to be some of most fun trails around. The views are humble, the features as well, but there is just something about this place for mountain biking in Vermont!

2. Perry Hill

Perry Hill is a well-kept secret here in Vermont. It has three main loop trails that in all are about 3,000 feet of climbing. Make sure to bring a water bottle! These trails are very nicely maintained and are not affected much by rain. Avid bikers will concur that Perry Hill is one of the funnest, tightest and windiest trail networks they have ever been on! The narrow sideways and narrow trees make for complex and unique trails for mountain biking in Vermont.

3. Killington Mountain

Killing Mountain, one of the most famous ski resorts in all of Vermont, also doubles as one of the best places to go mountain biking in Vermont. This trail network has riding for everyone! From epic singletrack to grueling ascents, there is truly has something for every skill level. Situated partially in the Green Mountain National Forest, this lift accessible resort allows for some of the best natural terrain in the Northeast.

4. Green Mountain Trails

This is a cross-country rider’s delight, well worth the trip. The trails are very well maintained and marked. The trials have some hard climbs! If you choose, bypass these extensive climbs by taking Tweed River Drive at Riverside Farm on Route 100 in Killington. To get a map, just go to the Pittsfield General Store! Also, if you break a sprocket or some other bike part, there is a bike shop down the road in Rochester. Click here for more information.

5. Saxon Hill

Saxon has the ability to keep riders of all types and skill levels entertained. From beginner flowy trails, to serious gap jumps, with even some relatively techy descents here and there. The trail starts by climbing up the hill by the water tower, continuing on the logging trail. Then up to the old radio tower footings at the top of the hill. Then, cruise down the far side & head up some more of the doubletrack. Hang a right back onto the singletrack and to head back down.

6. Pine Hill Park

This park possesses some sweet singletrack and doubletrack rolling terrain with short power climbs and killer rolling downhills! The trails are buff, marked, and well maintained. Pine Hill Park has trails for absolutely all ability levels. There is a nice mix of flowy trails (such as Svelte Tiger and Underdog), some rocky stuff (Stegosaurus) and a little bit of basic jumps and free ride (Broken Handlebar and Half pipe). There are definitely enough epic trails in the park to make a weekend out of it.

7. Mount Snow

Mount Snow, a popular ski resort makes for some unique mountain biking in Vermont during the summer. There are all levels of trails there, from first timer to expert downhillers. The area surrounding Mount Snow is home to over 35 miles of mountain bike terrain consisting of singletrack, old town roads and ski trails that take riders through dense forest and wide open back roads. The diverse terrain and easy access are a big part of why Mount Snow is a two- time Top Five ranked resort in the Northeast on the MTBParks Riders’ Choice!

8. Millstone Hill

Millstone Hill features over 20 miles of challenging singletrack mountain bike trails and is ranked one of Vermont’s Five Best Mountain Bike Networks. There is a trail network of tight technical singletrack combined with some challenging doubletrack. There are several levels of difficulty, easy, moderate and difficult. We suggest the difficult section if you want to challenge your MTB skills! The trails are in and around an old granite quarry, that provide great views and some nerve racking drop-offs!

9. Hinesburg Town Forest

The Hinesburg Town Forest boasts about 18 miles of singletrack spread through over 850 acres. The history of the land includes early 20th-century farming and you can occasionally see old rock walls, foundations, wells, apple trees and other signs of this bygone era. There is a small selection of easy trails, but most are “old-school-rake-and-ride” and therefore are quite steep and technically challenging. There is a very limited option for beginner riders, so make sure to check out the description of trails at the trail kiosk, which is at the parking area.

So grab your water bottle and a helmet and head out to the great outdoors for a Vermont mountain biking experience like no other! Located close to many of these renowned Vermont bike trails, we are the perfect place to lay your head down after a long day of shredding up the trails. Contact us to start planning your next GetAway today!

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