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Day Trip

Why You Need To Visit the Vermont Cheese Festival

With the highest number of cheesemakers per capita in the United States, it’s no surprise that the Green Mountain State is also home to the Vermont Cheese Festival. Each year, visitors flock to the shores of Lake Champlain to try fine cheeses, taste local beer and wine, and meet all of the wonderful artisans who make them. From sharp VT cheddar to award-winning gorgonzola, the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival has something...

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Your Guide to the Most Fun Vermont River Tubing

If you’re searching for an exciting vacation activity that won’t break the bank, you’re in luck! Tubing season is in full swing here in Vermont, where gentle waves and tumbling whitewater provide a fun, heat-escaping good time for visitors of all ages. The next time you visit the Green Mountain State, book your stay with GetAway Vacations and bring the whole family to these natural playgrounds for an awesome day...

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Get Excited for the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge!

Each year, the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge takes guests on a wild goose chase through ancient forests, over mountain summits, and around spectacular landscapes near Dover, Vermont. Part hike and part treasure hunt, participants will search miles of trails for clues that lead to an awesome cash prize. If you think you have what it takes to complete the challenge, book your stay with GetAway Vacations and get ready for...

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Here are 5 of the Most Popular Killington Hiking Trails

With its lush, green forests, sparkling lakes, and expansive National and State Parks, Killington, Vermont is a popular destination for hikers from all over the country. This picturesque region offers both rugged terrain and paved paths that entice adventurers of all ages and skill levels. Just a short drive from GetAway Vacations, visitors can enjoy miles of routes that wind up mountains, through dense woodlands, and along flowing rivers and...

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How to Explore the Appalachian Trail in Vermont

Winding from the snow-capped peaks of Maine to the blue mountains of Georgia, the Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world, with over 150 miles of trails located inside the state of Vermont. Ranging from easy to challenging, these trails are characterized by Vermont’s dense, green forests and even coincide with sections of the Long Trail in Vermont, which was the first long-distance hiking trail in the...

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Have a Thrilling Day at the Killington Bike Park

Featuring 45 miles of trails, staggering vertical drops, and a full-service mountain bike shop, the Killington Bike Park in Vermont is ideal for those who love to ride. From easy-going dirt roads to rugged single track, this park offers mountain bike trails for all ability levels and is a wonderful place to pedal. Open throughout the mild summer months, a trip to the bike park is a must when you...

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5 of the Best Places to Visit in Vermont in Spring

As winter releases its bitter grip, locals and visitors alike welcome the anticipated arrival of spring in Vermont. The quaint, country towns begin to thaw, and bright green leaves cover the trees. The average daytime temperature is a mild 61 degrees, and impromptu rain showers occur frequently during the wet months of April and May. The warm weather also brings tons of activities for guests to enjoy, from exciting festivals and...

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5 of the Best Ways to Master Pond Skimming Skiing

Each year, Killington Ski Resort in Vermont hosts its annual Nor’Beaster: Dos Equis Pond Skim Contest to celebrate the arrival of spring. Pond skimming involves brave skiers and snowboarders attempting to cross a long, cold, often slush-filled pond with a goal of making it to the other side without getting wet. This year, on April 16, 2016, guests are welcome to take on the 100-foot pond at the base of...

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Killington Vermont

How to Get the Best Deal on Killington Lift Tickets

As the premier destination for skiing in Vermont, Killington Mountain features 200 slopes, 31 ski lifts, and breathtaking mountain views that are the perfect backdrop for a few days of fun in the snow. But between the passes to get on the mountain, finding lodging, and buying food to refuel, planning a family ski trip can get expensive. Luckily, there are tons of ways to save when you purchase Killington lift tickets!...

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What is the Most Outstanding Killington Ski School?

Known lovingly as the “Beast of the East,” Killington Mountain can be intimidating for first-time snowboarders and skiiers and often poses challenges for even the most experienced riders. Luckily, Killington offers tons of opportunities for guests of all skill levels to have a fun, enjoyable day on the slopes with personalized programs and lessons. Whether you want to learn how to carve on a snowboard or simply stand up without...

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How to Get the Most Out of Killington Tubing

For many, the simple thought of sledding down a snow-covered hill brings back memories of carefree childhood winters. The activity is simple, exciting, and a blast for both kids and adults. If you’re looking to make some new memories this year, you can enjoy that same wind-in-your-hair feeling when you go snow tubing in Vermont! Just hop onto a big inflated tube, pick up some speed, and slide down the...

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Some of The Absolute Best Killington Activities to Enjoy

With beautiful seasons and unbelievable scenery, Vermont is a premier vacation destination for visitors from across the country. The unique climate offers tons of attractions throughout the year for families who want to escape their daily lives and relax amongst nature. In particular, Killington, VT gives guests the chance to experience the Green Mountain State like never before. With an endless list of fun things to do, Killington activities provide...

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