If you have ever wanted to be off the grid you need to make your way to Maine. Specifically, Ivy Cottage, one of our Maine vacation rentals, is just the type of vacation rental you need. This rustic and historic home was originally built in the 1920s and has been owned by the same family since. The property was rented out to the same family year after year making this property truly off the grid. Now for the first time ever our clients are able to book this charming home. Ivy Cottage still retains all of the character and aesthetics from when it was first built; practically nothing has changed! If you are looking for a vacation rental that skips out on modern amenities in order for you to live off the grid Ivy Cottage will have you covered.

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Rustic Cottage Setting

Booking a stay at Ivy Cottage will help you be the beach bum you have always wanted. When you first walk up to Ivy Cottage you will immediately know what we are talking about. The property retains its original white coat of paint that covers the two floor home. Beautiful green vines now stretch over most of the building, completely covering it on one side. Don’t let the cracks in the original paint fool you as Ivy Cottage has structure that has kept the home in great shape over the past few decades. Ivy Cottage features a total of 3-bedrooms and 1-bathroom that will comfortably sleep up to 5 guests at a single time. Booking a stay here will have you appreciating the simpler ways of life that modern generations have seemed to forgotten.

Original Interior

As mentioned, Ivy Cottage retains everything that has made it so special over the years. When you walk inside Ivy Cottage you will immediately notice that the natural wood flooring still retains its charm and beauty. The walkway features a cozy sitting area where you can enjoy a conversation or greet your guests from. Seating includes a plush love seat and recliner chair. Several books are shown off with the charming wall décor adding a touch of home to the property. The wall paneling includes natural wood siding and slats, still original from when the property was first built in the ‘20s. Guests can make their way further back into Ivy Cottage where they will find a combined kitchen and dining room area. The dining room table features a glass top and natural wood chairs. There is plenty of room to lay out what you have cooked for a tasty meal. Of course guests will need a fully working kitchen to prepare such as meal which Ivy Cottage more than provides. You will not find sparkling granite countertops or shiny stainless steel appliances here. Instead, guests will find the essentials that are more than enough for what you need. The 4 burner gas stove/oven combo allows you to prepare multiple items at once. There is plenty of pots and pans hanging on the wall for you to use. The adjacent sink allows you to easily clean up. There is also a coffee maker and fridge for you to use as well. Ivy Cottage provides you access with everything you need.

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Bedrooms and Bathroom

As mentioned, Ivy Cottage features a total of 3-bedrooms and a single bathroom here at the property. Guests will find the bedrooms located on the top floor that are accessible through the main staircase. Each bed is fitted with comfy linens that will keep you warm all night long. The bedrooms still feature the original wood siding and drawers from when the property was originally built. The bathroom also retains the original interior too with the shower/tub combo. Guests will find that drifting off to sleep at Ivy Cottage is extremely easy without having a variety of distractions at your fingertips.

Nearby Activities

Ivy Cottage does not feature any modern features such as internet or TVs. Finding something to do is as easy as checking out the local activities. The property is just steps away from the Long Sands Beach where you can find the perfect spot to curl up with a good book or splash around in the water.  The famous Nubble Lighthouse is also nearby for you to explore. A variety of shops, restaurants, and parks are just as close where you can find fun for the whole family. If you have ever wanted to see how it feels to live off the grid, make sure you book a stay at Ivy Cottage.

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Your Time in Maine

Ivy Cottage is just one of the many vacation rentals we offer just off the coast in Maine. Come see how beautiful this state is with a stay at one of our highly desirable properties.

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