Are you interested in science and technology? If so, a trip to the Montshire Museum of Science should be in your plans! This hands-on museum is located in Norwich, Vermont and features more than 140 exhibits relating to the natural and physical sciences. It’s one of the busiest museums in New England and has attracted more than a million visitors since its opening in 1976! Here are some of the things you’ll see at the Montshire.

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Explore the Montshire Museum of Science

1. Live Animals

One of the most popular exhibits at the Montshire Museum of Science is the Creatures Exhibit. Here, visitors can admire a variety of creatures from the past and present – from native fish and turtles to a live colony of honeybees. You’ll learn information about the life processes that connect these animals with birds, insects, and even human beings.

2. Air & Weather

A gentle summer breeze, a hurricane over the Atlantic, billowing cumulous clouds – all are caused by the movement of air. Find out more about how air moves in this series of exhibits about air movement and weather. You can discover the lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States at the 109 Degrees Below Zero exhibit, then check out the Dust Devil sculpture. Don’t forget to spin the propeller to create a mini tornado! Click here to view the full list of air & weather exhibits.

3. Puzzles, Shapes, and Things That Move

Can you solve a puzzle based on how shapes fit together? In this set of exhibits about movement, machines, and geometry, you’ll find out how unique objects and mind-bending puzzles can stretch your thought processes. Some of the most popular exhibits include the gear train, the gravity well, and the time machine.

4. Outdoor Exhibits

Located on an 110-acre site near the Connecticut River, the Museum’s outdoor environment is a large part of the visitor experience. Guests are invited to explore the outdoor Science Park which includes a scale model of the solar system (Pluto is located a two-mile walk away) as well as various exhibits on light, sound, and motion. You can even stroll through the Woodland Garden and along nature trails bordering the river. It’s a great way to learn about Vermont’s native plants and environment!

5. Daily Programs

The Montshire offers a range of programs, activities, and special events for visitors of all ages. Each is designed to engage your mind and your senses! Special events are held throughout the year including Machine Madness, Igloo Build, and the Annual Egg Drop Contest. Most daily activities are free with Museum admission. The museum is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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