About 30 minutes outside of Killington is the quaint town Woodstock. Though Woodstock is small, its residents are passionate about environmental preservation and protection. Nowhere is this clearer than Mount Peg, a small hiking spot right outside of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park. Once used as a country club, Mount Peg in Woodstock, VT is now a stunning hiking trail that is perfect for casual hikers to more experienced trail explorers.

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History of Mount Peg in Woodstock, VT

Mount Peg was first developed in 1895 when Dr. Francis Harrington discovered that Woodstock had no golf course. The residents of Woodstock had not discovered the game yet, so Dr. Harrington headed to the open pastures on the summit of Mount Peg to give a demonstration. Nine days later, a country club opened on Mount Peg. The trails were created in 1908 when Elizabeth Billings purchased the land to create a public park. In 2002, the Billings Park Commission and the Woodstock community added an additional 44 acres of land to the park.

The Climb

The first step to hiking Mount Peg is to visit the kiosk at the Gold Avenue entrance. Here, you’ll find a trailhead kiosk map that highlights Mount Peg’s trails and connections to other local trails. The most popular trail is The Summit Trail. It’s a moderate climb, with fairly steep land for a short section leading into a more gentle series of trails. The trail features benches and other places to rest during your trek.  In total, the excursion is 2.5 miles round trip.

The Woodstock Trail Network

Mount Peg in Woodstock, VT is part of the Woodstock Trail Network, which is a connected series of trails and sidewalks that lead to the heart of the village of Woodstock. There are over 30 miles of trail connected 1,000 conserved acres, all connected to one another and to downtown Woodstock. Trails mean so much more to the people of Woodstock than an afternoon hike. They are also valued as a cultural and historic resource. The Woodstock Trails Partnership, formed in 2004, advocates for the preservation of these trails.

The Woodstock Trails Partnership was formed in 2004 as a coalition of local, state, and federal organizations and agencies. It is dedicated to exchanging the awareness, preservation, and use of a network of trails that was formed under the commission. The Woodstock Trail Network is a series of trails and sidewalks that connect Mount Tom, Mount Peg, and other conserved lands.

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