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Killington, Vermont is one of the most visited hotspots for outdoor activity on the east coast. It is famous for its winter sports opportunities, but it is an incredible place to visit during the summer as well. It is not difficult to find fun and excitement throughout your Killington adventures, but it never hurts to be pointed in the right direction. The following Vermont attractions are a few of the ones you won’t want to miss in Killington, Vermont.

Killington Ski Resort

If you are looking for winter sports on the east coast of the United States, you can find no place better than the Killington Ski Resort. It is one the oldest, largest, and best-suited ski areas in the whole country. The entire area features 200 unique slopes, 31 ski lifts, and over 90 miles of trails. Not only is it big, but it provides plenty of diversity, so there is something for all of the experienced skiers and snowboarders out there, as well as for those who are just taking the sport up for the first time. It is a great place to visit even during the summer when the slopes are closed, as you can still find the best views of the area, hiking, mountain biking, and more. Definitely one of our favorites Vermont attractions.

Other Killington Activities and Vermont Attractions

This is another one of the Killington area’s famous ski resorts, but here, we will focus on the opportunities that Pico Mountain brings during the summer. They have everything you need here, from food and entertainment to fitness and recreation. Among some of the more unique opportunities here are the indoor rock climbing experiences, alpine slides, miniature golf, and more. If you are looking to stay fit during your Killington vacation, you can take advantage of a high-quality fitness room at Pico Mountain complete with a sauna for a nice sweat.

GetAway with GetAway Vacations

Finding the best ways to spend your time is a big part of the perfect vacation. But so is the place that you end up staying at. The first step in finding the right place to stay is finding the right vacation rental company to go through. There are a few options in the area, but the best by a large margin is GetAway Vacations. Here, your comfort comes first. This is evident when you look at the quality of homes that we provide, and the ease with which you can access our listings and find the perfect fit for you.

These are just a couple of ideas, and they do not begin to cover the breadth of opportunities and attractions that await you here. When you find great ways to spend your days in Killington, along with a great place to rest in between, you are in for a vacation that you will not soon forget!

Are you looking for the easiest way to get to the top of central Vermont’s Green Mountains? Hop on board the K-1 Express Killington Gondola and ride to the top of the 4,241-foot Killington Peak in a comfortable, enclosed chairlift. Whether you take the Killington Gondola in the winter to ski, in the summer for fun, or in the autumn to scout out the best fall foliage in Vermont, the views from the top of Killington Peak, the highest lift-served mountain in Vermont, won’t disappoint. 

Once your 1.25-mile ride up in the Killington Gondola reaches the peak, you’ll experience one of the best top-of-the-world views in the region. On an especially clear day, the view stretches across five states: Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York and Massachusetts. But, there is more to experience on the Killington Gondola than the scenic view. Read on to learn more about all the Killington Gondola has to offer.

Long and Short Rides Available

Without a doubt, the best views of Killington, Vermont, are at Killington Peak and it is well worth a gondola ride to the very top. But, for visitors who are short on time, or want to experience something different, there are multiple gondola rides available. The K-1 Express Gondola will take visitors to the very top of this summit. At 1.25 miles in length, this ride gives visitors the full Killington Gondola experience. But, the Snowshed Express Quad is another great option. At only 8 minutes long, this ride takes visitors to lower-elevation adventures. The Snowshed Express is a good option for visitors who want to reach the top of the snowshed quickly or for those who want a slightly more affordable way to ride the Killington Gondola.

Access to Biking and Hiking Trails

In the summer months, the Killington Gondola kickstarts hiking and biking excursions in the Green Mountains. From Killington Peak, visitors can access over 15 miles of designated hiking trails plus the Appalachian and Long trails. For mountain bikers, Killington Peak also serves as a trailhead for 45 miles of mountain biking paths. Mountain biking from Killington Peak is especially popular during the summer and autumn months. At Killington, there are there are a number of biking trails of varying difficulty available and all the gear mountain bikers may need is available for 2-hour, half-day, or full day rentals.

Meals at the Peak Lodge

The K-1 Express Gondola is not only a good activity for sportsman looking for a day filled with mountain biking, but it is also great for visitors who want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Killington Peak. The summit is a great place to go for a picnic, take a leisurely walk, or to sit and enjoy the beautiful views and fresh mountain air. Guests can take advantage of the Peak Lodge. At the mountain-top restaurant and lounge, guests can take in stunning views while enjoying great drinks, snack, and meals. The Peak Lodge offers farm-fresh food and daily specials year-round. In addition, the lodge has a full-service bar and bar menu with fine wine, signature cocktails, and local draft beer to enjoy while relaxing by the fireplace or taking in the view.

Plan Your Visit to the Killington Gondola!

Whether you are an adventure-seeker looking for the best biking trails in the area, or you want to spend a day of leisure at Killington Peak, the K-1 Gondola is the best way you reach the summit of Killington Peak. To make the most of a trip to Killington, be sure you are staying in the best lodging that the area has to offer. At GetAway Vacations, you’ll discover more than just amazing Killington rentals. You’ll find a local company that puts your comfort first. Browse our collection of rentals to find your favorite and book your next mountain escape today!

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