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Killington may not be the biggest city in the New England area, but there are plenty of exciting Killington activities and attractions that are only known to the locals. These off the beaten path activities are clear of large groups of tourists and make for quieter moments to enjoy with your family.

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Leffert’s Pond

There are several bodies of water you can relax by in Vermont. Leffert’s Pond may be a smaller body of water but it offers all of the exciting activities that come with the bigger lakes. This local pond often draws the attention of local wildlife looking to get a drink of water during the warmer summer days. Several hiking trails wind around the area, letting you explore the cut off wilderness. Finally, visiting anglers can even try their hand at catching one of the many fish that call the pond home. Don’t let Leffert’s Pond size fool you; there’s plenty to do here!

Buttermilk Falls

Most visitors to Killington will make the short journey to the Thundering Falls for incredible sights. A short drive away out of town you can see Buttermilk Falls, which offers a quieter moment for you to take in. The falls collect into a natural pool at the bottom, giving life to the surrounding forest. While the Buttermilk Falls may not be as big as the Thundering Falls, you will easily have much more space to enjoy around you. Locals claim that Buttermilk Falls is one of the few sites in Vermont that has not been damaged by tourism, so make sure to take care of our hidden locations.

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Stop in The Original General Store

If you are in Killington for some incredible skiing during the winter, make sure to stop at The Original General Store for an early breakfast and goods to take home. This area is home to many historic sites, including F.H. Gilingham & Sons General Store, which has been operating since 1886. Quaint shops such as this are a great way to see how the rich history of Killington continues to this day.

More to Do in Killington

Finding these off the beaten path activities in Killington will make your Vermont vacation getaway even better. Plan for the best vacation possible by choosing our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Luxury amenities await you and your family in each special property. Call today and see which rentals we have available for your next stay in Killington!

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Killington is not only known for incredible winter sports but also luxury experiences that can only be enjoyed in Vermont. Let us help you plan for an unforgettable luxury Killington getaway with these activities:

Relax in the Spa

A luxury vacation always calls for some peace and relaxation at a nearby spa. When in Killington, make sure to stop at the Killington Grand Spa for a variety of spa services including facials, massages, nail services, and even custom body treatments. Killington Grand Spa specializes in the Maple Sugar Scrub; this special scrub will exfoliate your skin and is followed by a nourishing skin cream to soak everything in. If you have been enjoying any skiing or snowboarding during the winter, you can even receive a cryoderm gel to help calm down sore muscles. Now this is how a luxury vacation begins!

Explore the Thundering Falls

A luxury getaway to Killington is not all just about how you enjoy the more lavish activities in town. Make sure you also get outside the city limits and see the best trails Killington is known for. There is no better location to explore than the Thundering Falls, an easy hike that leads to an incredible display of waterfalls. You will be able to snap the perfect picture to show off to all of your friends and family back home. We also recommend this picturesque location for anyone looking to get engaged over their luxury getaway!

Fine Dining in Killington

There is always a need for fine dining in Killington, so make sure you make a reservation at Southside Steakhouse. As the name implies, Southside Steakhouse serves up the finest steaks in the city. Not only that, but you can also dine on an exquisite selection of fresh oysters, prime rib, seared scallops, and more. Each entrée is served a la carte so you can customize your own personal meal. Southside Steakhouse is popular with both locals and tourists, so reservations are recommended. Call ahead at 802-772-7556 to reserve a table. Southside Steakhouse is open for dinner at 5:00pm everyday with the lounge opening at 4:00pm for pre-dinner drinks.

Luxury and More in Your Killington GetAway

These are just some of the many luxury activities you can enjoy in Killington. Get ready for your unforgettable stay in one of our luxury cabins that offer the privacy local resorts cannot. Call today and let us help you find the perfect luxury rental in Killington!

No matter the age of the children in your family,there is something for everyone to enjoy in Killington, Vermont. This vacationer’s paradise features plenty of outdoor activities, thrilling attractions, and plenty of delicious food to go around. Here is your Killington guide to how you can enjoy a family vacation:

Enjoy the Winter Slopes

Killington has some of the best skiing conditions in the entire state of Vermont. Show the kids the slopes and take them on some training courses with Killington Snow Sports School. The kids will become pros in no time and be able to join you for some family skiing adventures down Killington Peak! Other exciting winter activities include snowshoe tours, sleigh rides, gondola rides, and more.

Take Them on a Hike

While Killington may be best known for its winter activities,there is more than enough to enjoy the rest of the year. Thousands of trails surround the city,giving your family plenty of hiking options to choose from. The Appalachian Trail is one of the most scenic trails in the area and allows you to enjoy a relaxing day outdoors. The trail leads to Mount Killington,which is the second highest mountain in the state. Make sure to bring the camera for plenty of picture-worthy moments!

Ride the Skycoaster at the Adventure Center

If you want to ride a roller coaster through the forest,make sure to take the Skye Coaster. This 4,800-foot-long ride has plenty of twists and turns for a thrilling adventure. Children must be at least three feet tall to enjoy the ride! The Adventure Center includes other exciting attractions such as a zip line race, jump tower, trampoline jumps, tubing, a wooden obstacle course up in the air, and more.

Take Them Out to Eat

You are on vacation, so make sure you enjoy a delicious meal or two around Killington. Popular family friendly restaurants in our Killington guide include iPie Pizzeria where you can find all of your favorite pizza pies. McGrath’s Irish Pub lets the kids dine in on authentic Irish cuisine while you can enjoy a pint of Guinness.

Your Killington Guide to a Family Adventure

You and your family will have a blast when you choose Killington for your next family outing. Your vacation starts with our comfortable vacation rentals that are found around all of these attractions in the area. Each rental features premier amenities while still feeling cozy. Book online today or call and let us help you find the perfect rental for your stay!

A trip to Killington always comes with endless unique ways to spend a day. In the winter, you have the amazing opportunities for skiing and snowboarding provided by Killington Peak, and the summer brings sunshine and endless outdoor pursuits. Sandwiched between them, you have the best kept secret in Killington in the fall, when you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are five Killington activities for the perfect fall trip.

Enjoy the Fall Colors

You will never find more brilliant displays of fall colors than you will in Killington during the season. There are trees all around, as far as the eye can see, and they erupt in a beautiful cacophony of vibrant colors during this time. You simply need to walk outside to enjoy it, but for the best view in town, head to the Deer Leap Overlook.

Take a Scenic Drive

This is a simple way to see a whole lot of beautiful sights throughout the Killington area. There are few things more therapeutic than taking a drive through tree-lined roadways immersed in the brilliance of the fall. On top of amazing forest, you can enjoy the sights of historic villages throughout Vermont by driving along one of the area’s 10 byways, like the Crossroad of Vermont Byway that dissects Killington.

One of Our Favorite Killington Activities: Hiking

Fall brings with it incredible weather and less crowded trails than you will find in the summer. The stage is set perfectly for a peaceful hike through the Green Mountains of Vermont. A fall trip to Killington is incomplete without taking a hike or two. Take a casual stroll through Giffords State Park, or try something a bit more challenging along the 2000 mile long section of the Appalachian Trail that runs through town.

Enjoy the Freshest Cuisine of the Year

As a small town, Killington has a special commitment to serving locally sourced foods at many of their classic local establishments. It is always a good time to enjoy some of this amazing comfort food, but as the harvest is in the fall, there is no better time to get the freshest food possible. The Foundry at Summit Pond is one of the most charming and delicious places to go for classic American fair.

The Killington Brewfest

This community takes their beer seriously, and on September 29th comes the greatest celebration of this love for beer. Of course, there are endless examples of delicious local and international beers available for all the tastes you can handle, but the festival provides so much more, as this amazing beer and great food pairs wonderfully with incredible views of the area and great live music. You will not want to miss the Killington Brewfest!

Find a Beautiful Place to Call Home

There are few things that can make or break a vacation like your accommodations. So when you take your fall trip to Killington, make your vacation extra special by booking a beautiful vacation home through GetAway Vacations. We provide the highest quality listings in Killington, but also insight into how to take advantage of this one of a kind area during any season. Contact us today to learn more about our rentals and Killington activities!

There are many places to visit if you are looking for incredible natural beauty in the northeastern United States. Among the most popular of those destinations in Killington, Vermont. Not only is the landscape beautiful, but the charm of this small town has found its way into the hearts of countless travelers. You will want to spend as much time here as possible, but there are plenty of ways that you can make the weekend getaway a worthwhile and unforgettable experience in Killington. This is how you should spend your 48 hour Killington trip.

Day 1

Get a slow start to the day with coffee and breakfast at a local favorite like Back Country Café. After you are nice and full, your first day should start as all Killington days should start: with some exploring of the area’s beauty. There is no shortage of ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors, but a hike is always a great way to do so. Especially with the endless amazing trails you will find here like the Deer Leap Overlook Trail—a trail of moderate difficulty at the end of which you will find the best views in Killington. After some great hiking, cool off with a delicious beer and meal at Long Trail Brewery.

Day 2 of Your Killington Trip

Today should be spent seeing some of the amazing things that this community offers. A big part of the culture here is creating fresh and quality products. You can pick apples at Mendon Mountain Orchards, taste the freshest syrup ever at Baird Farm Maple Syrup, or find some fresh vegetables at Billings Farm. For a unique experience that really gives you a sense of what this community is all about, check out the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, where you can see some amazing work and even create something of your own. Take in some more incredible art at the Chaffee Art Center. Top it all off with an incredible meal at one of Killington’s finest restaurants like The Garlic and you have yourself a lovely 48 hours.

Spend Your Downtime Somewhere Beautiful

Out of your 48 hour Killington trip, you should spend approximately 16 of them sound asleep. As such, one of the most important decisions that you can make is where you will be sleeping. There is certainly no shortage of amazing properties throughout the area, and now they are easier than ever to find thanks to GetAway Vacations, the area’s premiere vacation rental service. We provide a window into the best properties in Killington. While there is something for every budget and group size, there is no variation in the quality of the accommodations. Spacious homes, gourmet kitchens, cozy beds, elegant décor, and more features are commonplace. See for yourself and find the Killington vacation home of your dreams!

Living in Vermont has taught us to appreciate the simple things in life—things such as warm gloves that allow you to text without having to take them off, electric heat (fires are romantic and wonderful, but limited in the areas they can heat!), and the ability to take off work early in the midst of winter and hit the slopes for a few hours of fun! All of this is yours to discover when you visit, but to help you get to know our favorite place on Earth a little better, we are providing this list of fun Killington facts!

We are Passionate About the Important Things

Our residents have voted to secede from the state of Vermont due to tax inequities; it may never happen, but we believe in fighting to keep our state wonderful for important guests like you! It doesn’t change the way we feel about the beauty of the rugged landscape that makes our town so special, and once you visit, you will understand why that is!

We Appreciate a Good Bottle of Wine

There’s quite a few vineyards in the area, and every summer in July we host the Killington Wine Festival, allowing residents and visitors the opportunity to sample the best of the best. If you don’t happen to visit during this time, never fear: Our Killington Express Shuttle offers a custom tour of the wineries in the area!

One of Our Favorite Killington Facts is We Love Artists

The beauty of Killington attracts world-class artists from all over, but you don’t have to be a superstar for us to appreciate you. The Art Garage offers paint and sip classes for adults and cool classes for kids to express themselves.

Beer is Our Friend

Long Trail Brewing Company is located in nearby Bridgewater Corners, making their beer a local favorite! Over 180,000 bottles of this German-inspired brew are consumed in Killington every year; make sure you purchase a bottle or two yourself and check out what all the fuss is about!

We Get a LOT of Snow

We average about 250 inches of snow every year, and this is all Mother Nature; we’re not including the manmade stuff! This is why we are home to one of the top ski resorts in the state. Killington Peak is where the action is, with over 71 miles of trails for skiing!

Our GetAway Vacations Homes Will be Your Favorite Place to Relax!

If you can picture yourself wrapped in blankets as you drink Irish coffee in front of a roaring fire in a beautiful home with views to die for, now is the time to reserve your rental!