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In the coldest days of winter, we find ourselves seeking comfort in all forms: blankets that are soft and warm, coats that are colorful and bright, and foods that don’t just fill our bellies, but also feed our souls! This is especially true when taking a winter vacation in Killington, and because we definitely do not expect our guests to be forced to prepare their own comfort foods, we are offering this guide to the best Killington restaurants to find the comfort foods that will make your winter journey a memorable one!

Back Country Café, 923 Killington Road

A hot and hearty breakfast on a cold and wintry day is the best way to get us out of bed, how about you? If you’re on the same page, the Back Country Café will be your Vermont best friend. Featuring light and fluffy biscuits that could be the pride of your grandma’s kitchen, Belgian waffles piled high with sweet fruits and whipped cream, and egg dishes made from farm fresh eggs, this charming roadside spot is a favorite of locals no matter what the season!

Killington Diner, 2841 Killington Road

Everyone has their own idea of what a winter comfort food should be, but a visit to Killington Diner will unite them in their differences! Offering thick and juicy sandwiches that you’d expect in a deli but will be surprised to find in a diner, their piled-high pastrami is a frequent visitor in our dreams! Serving breakfast all day, tasty hot dogs, and juicy and flavorful burgers, you may find yourself stopping in again and again and again!

Choice Restaurant, 2820 Killington Road

We firmly believe in the importance of choices, and Choice Restaurant falls nicely into the category—especially with the wide variety of winter comfort food they have to choose from! Offering everything from crab cake appetizers to prime rib for dinner and special cakes for dessert, the dishes served here will make your heart smile. Serving up the recipe for a perfect vacation meal, Choices wins our vote for best winter comfort food options. Will it win yours, too? Stop by and check it out for yourself!

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We all try very hard to follow the rules of healthy eating. Switching from red meats to leaner cuts, adding more vegetables in our diets, and reducing the amount of processed foods we eat every day is just a part of what we do. But sometimes, you just need a burger. Juicy, thick, and topped with all the good stuff, the best burgers can make the worst days seem not so bad! In Killington, although you may not have any bad days, chances are you will still crave a burger, and for that reason, we are providing this list of the places to eat in Killington for a burger!

The Lookout Tavern, 2910 Killington Road

Sports bars may not always be known for their haute cuisine, but in nearly all cases, they certainly know how to make a really good burger; the Lookout Tavern is a perfect example! Known as a popular après ski spot, the burgers are delicious any time of the year! Also known for serving the biggest burgers in the area, the Black & Blue Burger is our favorite!

Burgrs On the Rocs, 2384 Killington Road

While BOTR does offer more than burgers, when the name of the establishment mentions a dish, you KNOW it has to be good! Offering everything from Kobe burgers to bison burgers to turkey burgers and so many more scrumptious options, we are on our way out the door right now to enjoy some ourselves!

The Foundry at Summit Pond, 63 Summit Path

If you’re craving the perfect burger—thick and juicy, almost impossible to fit it in your mouth, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and all the other savory treats that make a burger a hearty meal—then the Foundry at Summit Pond is where you want to go! Even our vegetarian guests have discovered the Black Bean Burger is exactly what they are looking for in life, and the Wagyu Burger will change your life!

Casey’s Caboose, 1930 Killington Road

Our final burger stop in Killington is known throughout town for having the best menu, serving everything from mac and cheese to steak and hot dogs to burgers that will make you want to only eat burgers for every meal for the rest of your life! Offering an All American Burger topped with real Vermont cheese, a Despite the Mafia Burger that is topped with mozzarella, plum tomatoes, avocado, balsamic glaze, basil, and a Look! No Meat Burger prepared with a delicious vegan patty, you can’t go wrong with any meal at Casey’s!

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What is it about the common pizza that makes you feel as if all the world’s problems could be solved if everyone just sat down over their favorite pie and a glass of beer or wine? It’s difficult to be angry and pompous when you have a cheese string hanging from your mustache or chin, and when your belly is full of cheesy goodness, your attitude becomes full of good will! Well, we can’t solve all the world’s problems, but if you’re in the mood for a hot and gooey piece of Italian deliciousness during your unforgettable Vermont vacation, here is a list of our favorite spots for pizza in Killington VT!

Domenic’s Pizzeria, 2822 Killington Road

We often have trouble deciding which beverage goes best with a hot pizza, but when visiting Domenic’s, beer is always the right choice—unless it’s a wine night, of course! Fortunately, this pizzeria offers a large selection of beer, wine, and incredibly tasty pizzas, so there will be no discord here! And if you’re really hungry, try The Beast; if its edible and they have it in the kitchen, you will find it on this monster pizza!

Outback Pizza Killington, 2841 Killington Road

Live music and outdoor seating makes the pizza served at Outback taste even better, and a great happy hour doesn’t hurt either! Enjoy sliders and a slice with your icy beer as you listen to some of the best bands in town. Serving burgers and pasta as well, even the pickiest eaters in your party will find something to satisfy their hunger at one of our favorite Killington restaurants!

iPie Pizzeria, 1307 Killington Road

One of the guaranteed truths in life is this: If you walk into a local pizzeria and it’s filled with college students, you KNOW it has to be good, and iPie is definitely the proof! Featuring organic options and unique combinations to the standard pie, iPie is perfect for those nights when you’re looking for a casual good time! Adventurous epicureans will want to try the Bacon Jalapeño Ricotta Pie; trust us, it’s incredible! Oh, and they deliver, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your cozy GetAway Vacations rental home!

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Nestled in the woods and accessible only by sleigh, the Ledgewood Yurt provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Killington, Vermont. It’s located just off the Northbrook Trail on Killington Mountain and resembles a structure used by nomadic Mongolian tribes over 2,000 years ago. Slightly sunk into the snow and sparkling with tiny white lights, the yurt’s impeccable service and cuisine will exceed your expectations. Here’s why a trip to the Ledgewood Yurt should be on your bucket list.

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Enjoy a Meal at the Ledgewood Yurt

Ledgewood Lunch

With its warm wood-burning stove and relaxing atmosphere, lunch at the Ledgewood Yurt is perfect for guests who need a break from skiing. The farm-to-table menu features everything from hearty soups and salads to signature sandwiches and entrees. Not sure what to order? We like the Vermont cheddar mac and cheese with crispy leeks and crushed salted pretzels. Or try the Ledgewood Reuben made with VT pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing. Wash it all down with a Vermont brew and you’ll be ready to get back on the trails!

Family Nights

Family Night at the Ledgewood Yurt is a culinary adventure for diners of all ages. Start the evening with a 20-minute sleigh ride to the yurt, then cozy up at a dining table made for groups of 6 or 8 people. You’ll indulge in a gourmet three-course meal that’s suitable for younger palettes. A fine list of wine, beer, and liquor is also available upon request. Family Night is $65 per person and space is limited. Be sure to book early!

Dinner Excursions

Are you planning a special date night? Take advantage of the yurt’s incredible Dinner Excursions. Similar to Family Night, this event includes a sleigh ride under the stars and five delicious dinner courses. Signature dishes include bone-in Monkfish, cavendish quail, venison shank and wagyu beef medallions, and a maple bourbon chocolate bombe for dessert. The meal is $129 per person and is served on Saturdays from December to March.

How to Get There

Dinner guests to Ledgewood Yurt in Killington should arrive at the Vermont Fresh Cafe located at the Snowshed Base Lodge at 6 p.m. The sleigh leaves promptly at 6:30 p.m. The yurt is not accessible by car, so if you miss the sleigh, you miss the entire evening! Be sure to dress in winter casual attire with appropriate footwear and outerwear for snow.

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Photo Courtesy of Killington Resort