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Are you looking to escape the hustle of city life back at home? If so, we have the ideal property for you here in Vermont. Our little Vermont towns already provide a rustic feeling as you slow everything down. Instead of reserving a busy hotel room, live off the grid with our Escapo property found in Killington. This private residence is located 15 minutes away from the Killing-Pico Ski Resort. Take a look at what this property can provide you:

Forest Privacy

Finding Escapo is all part of the journey when you book this popular rental. Escapo is found nestled in 12.2 acres of beautifully wooded scenery right outside of Killington. As you pull up to the property, you will notice huge pine and oak trees surrounding the home. A gigantic yard also surrounds the home, letting children and friendly pups run around having fun. The multilevel home is beautifully designed with rustic paneling, letting you really enjoy the cabin life. A huge wrap-around patio deck can be accessed where you can lay back and enjoy some sunshine.

Cabin Living

Once you see the interior of Escapo, you will be completely sold on booking this mesmerizing property. Escapo is a true log cabin with natural wood making up the entire wall and ceiling surfaces inside. This beautiful oak paneling lets you enjoy the cabin life as you get away from the city. An extended entryway allows for plenty of room where you can gear up with jackets and gloves during the winter. Whereas most homes feature bedrooms on the second floor, you will instead find most on the lower level here at Escapo.

Lower Level

Escapo features a total of two bedrooms found on the lower level. These bedrooms offer plenty of space in which to move around. The rustic furnishings continue throughout the bedrooms, allowing you minimal distractions to keep you up at night. Instead, these rooms encourage a restful night of sleep so you can enjoy another exciting day around Killington. The lower level also features a full-size bathroom just down the hall for your convenience. The laundry area is in the back and offers a washer and dryer to help you keep your clothing nice and clean.

Primary Level

As you head further up into the home you will come across the spacious living area where you can enjoy time with family or friends. Plush sofas, loveseats, and recliner chairs offer plenty of seating. The walls are decorated with rustic ski equipment that further offers a Vermont feel to the home. A gigantic stone fireplace will keep the entire floor warm during the winter or help you roast up some marshmallows. Guests will notice that there is no TV service here at Escapo. Instead, guests are encouraged to spend time with loved ones as they enjoy the property.

Just around the corner you will find a wrap-around kitchen area with plenty of natural wood countertop space. The open layout lets those cooking up a meal enjoy the company of those in the living area. A variety of stainless appliances including a microwave, dish washer, and refrigerator help you with everything you need to prepare a meal. The kitchen comes equipped with all the essential cookware you need too. Make sure to take in the beautiful view from the kitchen window! A formal dining room is just around the corner that extends out over the property. You will have a complete 360-degree view of the forest with vaulted windows around you as you enjoy your meal. Last but not least, you will find a third bedroom and full bathroom here on the primary level. Fresh linens and toiletries make for a comfortable stay.

Master Suite

The top level of Escapo is where the master suite can be found. The vaulted ceilings provide even more space along with huge windows that allow in all of the natural lighting. A recliner chair is located near the bed and right in front of a small wood fireplace to help warm up the room. The indoor balcony lets you look down below at the rest of your party as they enjoy their stay at Escapo. A third bathroom can be found up here with a shower/tub combo and plenty of countertop space.

Preparing for Your Stay at Escapo

As you can see, Escapo is the ideal property for those looking to get away and disconnect for a bit. The property truly is in the heart of the woods with spotty cell phone service. Make sure to prepare for your drive up to the property by having a vehicle with four-wheel drive during the winter months. Physical directions are also recommended in case your GPS loses connection during the trip. Escapo is the perfect place to see the beauty of nature here in Killington.  Call today and book this beautiful property for yourself and enjoy the best vacation.

Killington and the surrounding area are known for their own unique quirks that make it an enjoyable vacation destination. The same can be said for some of our unique properties that offer a heart of their own. One such property is Kamp Koby, a lakeside vacation rental just steps from the water that is found in Hubbardton, about an hour’s drive from Killington. This unique property is bright red and can easily be seen from out on the lake and offers a truly comforting stay to guests.

Lakeside Living

When you book a stay at Kamp Koby, you will literally be feet from the water. This is immediately apparent when you first arrive at this unique home. Kamp Koby features a sprawling yard that surrounds the home. The huge grassy yard is shaded by giant oak trees, giving you plenty of shade during the summer. Relax on the comfortable patio furniture or walk up to the lake and dip your toes in to cool off. The shore makes it easy to throw your kayak or stand-up paddleboard right into the water and begin exploring. A fire pit lets you warm up during the cooler nights and roast marshmallows. The outdoor patio deck features a BBQ grill so you can grill up some burgers or steaks. Kamp Koby is perfect for those looking to enjoy delightful outdoor activities.

Rustic Living

Kamp Koby is a converted 1955 motor home that features rustic living with its own sense of style. This property may seem quirky when you first walk in, but you will fall in love with it during your stay. Kamp Koby greets you with a spacious living area with comfortable furnishings. The loveseat with rustic embroidery overlooks the sliding patio door so you can always have an eye to the outdoors. Windows in the living area take up most of the wall space giving you all kinds of natural lighting. The shutters can be closed to restrict any light in during the night so you can sleep peacefully. Bright blue lamps and loveseat stitching stand out even amongst the blue carpeting found in the room. Kamp Koby makes cabin living a reality; you will not find any TVs or games here at the property. Instead, you will be encouraged to spend your time outside in the beautiful Vermont scenery.

Dining Area and Kitchen

You will find there is just enough space for you to cook up a meal and enjoy it too when staying at Kamp Koby. The cozy kitchen features gorgeous natural wood cabinetry and white countertop space that pairs wonderfully with the rest of the home. The natural wood flooring makes it easy to clean up any potential spills. The kitchen comes complete with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, oven, and coffee maker (We know there is no way to live without your morning cup of coffee!). Since this is cabin living, you will find that water comes from the nearby lake, so make sure to bring any bottled water with you to use for cooking and drinking. Once you have a meal prepared, you can sit down at the dining table found adjacent to the living area. There is plenty of space for four to enjoy a meal together.

Sleeping Arrangements

Kamp Koby is a narrow home that uses up every inch of space efficiently. This includes the two bedrooms where you can find enough room for four to comfortably sleep. The first room is perfect for young children; it features single bunk beds that can easily fit in children who are less than 5 feet tall. The main bedroom for the adults features a full-size bed, so expect to get cozy. Vermont can get warm during the summer, so make sure to take advantage of the window AC unit found in the living area. This unit is more than enough to keep you comfortable throughout your stay. The single bathroom also uses every inch of space possible to include all of the necessities. You will find a full-size sink and shower to help you wash off after an exciting Vermont outing.

Simple Living

Kamp Koby is the perfect property for those looking to get away from the hustle of everyday city life. The property features internet connection, but not at the speeds you are used to. Instead, disconnect from your technology and see why this lake rental is always popular. If you ever need anything, the local convenience store is just a short walk away. Pets can be considered for your stay, so do not forget about your friendly pup. Kamp Koby is professionally cleaned before every visit so you know you will be worry-free. Call today and book this rustic property for yourself and enjoy the lake life up here in Vermont.

Any vacation getaway to Killington or the surrounding Vermont community needs the perfect vacation rental for a memorable stay. Sure, you could always book a tiny hotel room and have no room to yourself. Instead, can reserve a stay at The Antler House, one of our most popular properties here at GetAway Vacations. This vacation rental offers plenty of space, unique style, and everything you need for a comfortable experience.

Majestic Home in the Woods

They say a first impression is the one you will always remember, and it could not be more favorable for The Antler House. The moment you walk up to this incredible property you will be in awe. The Antler House is located in the wooded area of Killington, surrounded by tall trees and incredible views. The Antler House has three levels, offering plenty of space for your entire party. This property can comfortably sleep up to 11 individuals all under a single roof. A cute sign will welcome you to the property right by the front door. Walk around the house to the backyard and you will find an elevated area with a shed.

Primary Level – Living Areas

Whenever you book a basic rental or hotel room for a getaway, you will not want to spend much time indoors. However, a stay at The Antler House will more than encourage you to enjoy all of the incredible features found in the home. This all starts with the primary level where you will find most living and common areas of the property. The home offers and modern and chic appearance with cream-colored walls and black trim. The living area is incredibly spacious, offering multiple couches and chairs on which to relax. A large flat screen TV is mounted on the wall, letting you unwind with any favorite shows of yours. When in Killington, you can expect cold winters. The stone fireplace will keep you warm even on the coldest of nights. The room has a vaulted ceiling giving you even more space, especially with the windows located on the wall and ceiling; look out and you will see beautiful, wooded scenery all around you. Follow the natural wood flooring around the corner to the newly renovated kitchen. Grey and black cabinetry pair perfectly with the white granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The natural wood dining table offers space for everyone to enjoy a meal together. Modern lighting including spherical shapes and antlers (which the home is appropriately named after) light up the primary level so you can take in all of the modern décor.

Upper Level – Bedrooms

Of course, you need to know all about the sleeping arrangements before booking a vacation rental. Three of the four bedrooms in the home, two being master suites, can be found on the upper level. One suite features a small loft where you can cozy up with your favorite book. The second has giant solarium windows that let you relax with the forest scenery in front of you. Each suite has a personal bathroom allowing you privacy as you get ready for your day. A third bedroom with a twin bunk bed is also found on the upper level and is perfect for young children who need to be close by their parents.

Lower Level – Game Room and More

The kids in your party will jump at the chance to claim the final bedroom found on the lower level of The Antler House. This bottom floor is home to an amazing game room that includes two sets of bunk beds. Stacks of board games are found on the shelf with plenty to choose from. The flat screen TV is connected to a X-Box One, making it the highlight of a sleepover. Adults can have fun down below too with the wet bar that can make your favorite craft cocktails. Everyone will jump at the chance to soak up in the hot tub that will ease your muscles after another exciting day down the slopes. Two ¾ bathrooms can be found on the floor, making sure no one has to wait in line to use the restroom. Feel free to use the washer/dryer combo found in one of the bathrooms, letting you wash any clothes that happen to get dirty during your stay in Killington.

Your Home Away Home in Killington

You will never want to book another lodging option when you stay at The Antler House. This vacation rental is easy on the eyes with its modern and chic décor. You will not find anywhere else that offers multiple floors of bedrooms, bathrooms, game rooms, and even a sauna. Make sure to act early and book this vacation rental before it is already reserved for your vacation. Your family will love this modern cabin in the woods!

If you and the extended family are all looking for an incredible vacation rental for your stay in Killington, look no further than our Sweet Life property. This amazing-looking property is one of our absolute favorites. Let us take a walk through Sweet Life together and the features it can offer you:

Walking Up to the Property

When searching for the perfect home, there is a saying that its sidewalk appearance makes all the difference. You will absolutely notice the difference between Sweet Life and other vacation rentals in the area. Sweet Life is a striking vacation rental that is designed after rustic ski chalets. This property is situated right on the hillside here in the forest. You will find privacy like no other as you and your family enjoy some peace in the trees. The moment you walk up to Sweet Life, you will notice its dual levels and spacious upper patio deck. Since the home is situated on a hill you will have incredible views from up top. The upper patio deck also features a BBQ and gas grill where you can perfectly cook up dinner. This patio deck has plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the view at once! Don’t skip out on the primary floor’s patio deck that is a great place to enjoy your morning as you warm up with a cup of coffee.

Heading Inside

The wonder will only continue when you head inside the Sweet Life. The main level is designed around the gorgeous natural stone fireplace in the living area, the perfect spot to cozy on up on a chilly night in Killington. The living area is complete with a flat screen TV and dual couches that are extremely comfortable. The dining room table can be found adjacent to the living area and features 6 chairs so the whole family can dine in at once. Not everyone wants to spend every meal out at the local restaurants in Killington. You can whip up meals of your own here at Sweet Life. This spacious kitchen has full-sized appliances so you can easily store your food or clean up anything you used to make dinner. The natural tile here in the kitchen make it easy to clean up the occasional spills! The primary level is complete with a den area that is also used as a game room. A mini foosball table also turns into a mini pool table so the kids can have plenty of fun. The TV corner has two comfortable chairs that lets the grandparents find a moment of quiet. There is plenty of space on the primary floor here at Sweet Life!

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

What makes Sweet Life stand apart among our other rentals is the number of individuals that can comfortably sleep under one roof. While this home only has three bedrooms it comes complete with five sets of bunk beds which is a total of 10 beds! These beds are spacious allowing you have plenty of room while sleeping. Each bed comes prepared with freshly washed linens that will have you falling asleep in no time. Sweet Life also comes with two bathrooms allowing multiple areas to help you family prepare for another exciting day around Killington. But one of the biggest highlights of Sweet Life comes with the indoor hot tub. Sure, you may have experienced a hot tub at a vacation rental before. But most hot tubs are found outside, and most locals know that it can get quick chilly during the winter in Killington. Stay indoors as your soak up in this spacious hot tub that can easily fit six people at once. The red tiles and natural wood walls make the hot tub room inviting on the eyes too.

Nearby to the Rest of Killington

Everyone enjoys the privacy that Sweet Life has to offer in the mountains just outside of Killington. However, you may wish to check out one of the many fun activities here around the city. The drive from Sweet Life to Killington is a few short minutes. Enjoy local restaurants and breweries that offer handcrafted ales that Vermont is known for along with delicious food. The slopes of Killington offer some of the best winter sports conditions in all of New England. Local golf courses are a blast during the warmer summer months. And don’t forget the hiking trails found all around the Sweet Life mountain that feature sweeping views of the area up top. Now that is one way to stay in comfort right here at Sweet Life.

More to Enjoy in Killington

Finding the perfect vacation rental has never been easier when you choose Sweet Life for your stay. This property is frequently booked so call today to book your lodging. Pets may also be approved for your stay!

We have quite the treat for you with the Great Escape Ski Lodge, one of our most popular rental properties here in the area. This spacious vacation rental is the perfect contemporary property that can be your next home away from home. Let’s take a walk through this amazing property so you know what to expect when you reserve the Great Escape Ski Lodge:

Rustic Ski Lodge

When you book a stay at the wonderful Great Escape Ski Lodge, you are picking one of our rustic cabins in the forest. You will have plenty of beautiful scenery all around you. There is plenty of yard space right in front of the home where the kids can run around and enjoy the beautiful Vermont weather. Great Escape Ski Lodge is situated right along the woods so you can find privacy not found in local hotels or resorts.

Spacious Main Floor

When you walk into the Great Escape Ski Lodge, you will immediately notice how much space the main level offers. The open floor plan opens up the home, giving your family room you need. You will notice that no walls separate the living room, dining area, or kitchen. Instead, the layout allows everyone to have space while still enjoying each other’s company. The leather sofa is extremely comfortable and can fit several people sitting on it at once; an additional loveseat is also found here for even more space and comfort. Enjoy the warmth from the wood burning fireplace or find your favorite programming on the flat screen TV. The dining area features a round table with plenty of room for the whole family to sit down and enjoy a meal together. The recently renovated kitchen features beautiful white cabinetry that is stocked with all of the cutlery and cookware you’ll need for your stay. Modern, stainless appliances allow you to cook and store any food you need during your stay. Tile flooring found all across the main level gives a great look to Great Escape Ski Lodge and allows any spills to be cleaned up with ease.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The Great Escape Ski Lodge offers up plenty of space for the entire family to stay under a single roof. That’s right, you will no longer need to book multiple hotel rooms for everyone in the family. Great Escape Ski Lodge features three full-size bedrooms and can comfortably sleep 8 guests in the home. Kids will have plenty of space sharing one of the additional bedrooms. Fresh linens are provided in each room and will keep you warm even on the coldest of nights. Great Escape Ski Lodge also features two full-size bathrooms, allowing you to easily get ready or unwind from an exciting day around Killington. Having multiple bathrooms helps keep the family moving so there’s no waiting in line in the morning. Essential toiletries are also provided so you can pack light.

Bonus Loft with Fun!

There is always some downtime when making the trip to Killington. Let the children have plenty of fun by spending time in the bonus loft found at Great Escape Ski Lodge. You will find the perfect space for them to get all the wiggles out. The loft even comes with a foosball table, letting them play games for hours! While the kids are having fun in the loft, the adults can relax in the outdoor hot tub. That’s right, Great Escape Ski Lodge has a full-size hot tub where you can soak in the hot water; it’s especially comforting after a day of hitting the nearby ski slopes. As you can see, the Great Escape Ski Lodge has just about everything you need for the perfect family getaway!

Nearby Activities

The Great Escape Ski Lodge is appropriately named with its close proximity to local ski trails. Killington Ski Resort’s famous trails are literally just feet away from this lodging. When you stay at Great Escape Ski Lodge, you will be just 250 feet away from the Great Eastern Trail and just 700 feet from Homestretch. The ski trails could not be any closer! Getting to the rest of Killington for local restaurants and unique shops is just a short drive away, making everything within your reach from Great Escape Ski Lodge.

Book Today in Killington

Our Great Escape Ski Lodge is just one of many unique vacation rentals we offer here in Killington. Each property features all of the features and amenities you want for a comfortable stay. Let us help you find the perfect lodging in Killington!

If you are looking for the best lodging for six to eight individuals, look no further than Hawkie House. This beautiful chalet is everything you could want from a luxury experience nestled in the heart of Vermont. Hawkie House is one of our more popular rentals that is located around the Green Mountains just outside of Plymouth. While the property may be more remote than our vacation rentals in Killington, it is still just minutes away from local attractions and the city itself. Take a look at what this property can offer you during your stay:

Hillside Property

You will immediately notice the space you will have around you and your family when you stay at Hawkie House. This vacation property is situated right in the woods, where you can experience privacy that no resort or hotel in the area can provide. This sprawling home reaches up toward the treetops with the interior accessed from a raised balcony. A spacious outdoor area lets children have plenty of space to explore to their hearts’ content. Furry pals are always welcome too! Firewood can always be found on hand, letting you keep warm with the fireplace.

Base Floor Entry

When you take your first step inside Hawkie House, you will immediately notice the rustic lifestyle which inspires the home’s design. Natural wood encases the ceiling, giving off the cabin feeling you want from a Vermont rental. The living area features big windows that allow plenty of natural light to come through and light up the home. The leather sofas are plush and extremely comfortable to lay back on. The aforementioned fireplace can also be found in the living area, where a crackling fire will keep the entire floor warm even during the coldest of months.

The kitchen and dining room are just around the corner. Treat yourself to mountain views as your family gazes out from the windows during a meal. The dining room also has immediate access to the patio deck, where you can sip on a morning cup of coffee. The kitchen features all major appliances such as a stove, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. You will find all of the essential utensils, pots, and pans you need to whip up another delicious meal. The first floor is complete with a bedroom that with two twin tubs and immediate access to the bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub.

Second-Floor Bedrooms

Most guests will be staying on the second floor of Hawkie House, where you can find two master suites with multiple bed options. The first master suite comes complete with a soft and cushiony queen bed. The private balcony lets you gaze up at the slopes and enjoy your peaceful moment here in the wilderness. The connected loft also has a twin trundle bed where two young children can also sleep. The second master suite features another comfortably queen bed and has even more space in which to relax. All linens and toiletries are provided during your stay so you can rest peacefully.

Lower-Level Fun

You can find plenty of fun amenities to enjoy when you head to the lower level of Hawkie House. This basement style room features everything you need for a relaxing time with family. Enjoy the flat screen TV where the big sports games look as alive as ever. The wet bar lets you craft up your own personal beverage for the big game. If you enjoyed the local slopes during your stay, your muscles could probably use some rest. Head over to the sauna room where you will find a European sauna and shower combo. Outside, you can find a spacious hot tub that will warm you down to the bones while you enjoy the crisp air of Vermont.

Nearby Activities and Attractions

You will still have access to all of the attractions in the area when you book a stay at Hawkie House. This unique property is just a few minutes away from gorgeous Echo Lake and Lake Rescue for summertime fun. Skiers and snowboarders will be happy to know that the Okemo and Killington ski areas are just a short drive away. If you are in the mood for snow sports, you can also enjoy the plethora of trails in the area that are perfect for snowmobiling. Long Trail Brewery is not too far away from the Appalachian Trail, where you can unwind with a pint of handcrafted ale and great food. There is something for everyone when they choose a vacation property such as Hawkie House.

Start Planning for Vermont Today

As you can see, Hawkie House truly is one of a kind. Start preparing for your stay by reserving this popular property before someone else beats you to it. There is no better experience in Vermont than one in Hawkie House!

At GetAway Vacations, you will find a variety of privately owned vacation rentals available at your fingertips. These rentals offer home features and amenities that local hotels and other lodging options cannot provide. With so many rental choices available to you, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. One of our most popular rental homes is Cortina Mountain Chalet. This unique home is located in the Vermont Ski Country on a beautiful hillside, allowing guests to take in the views. Take a look at what you can expect from a stay at Cortina Mountain Chalet:

Spacious Front and Backyards

You will have no limit to the space around you when visiting Cortina Mountain Chalet. As mentioned, this property is located on the hillside with the Vermont wilderness surrounding the back area. As you walk up you will notice the spacious front yard. Two single car garage doors let you park your vehicles and protect them from the winter snow. The front patio deck has plenty of space where you can sip on your morning coffee or watch the sunset from. It can get a bit chilly at night, so relax in the hot tub off to the side. Cortina Mountain Chalet is already inviting the moment you make your first step up to it!

Comfortable Interior and Spacious Floor Plan

As you enter Cortina Mountain Chalet, you will immediately notice the spacious floor plan of the home. You will find yourself in the living area after you step through the front door. A comfortable sofa and several chairs surround the flat screen TV. Plenty of natural lighting will be available with the many windows located on the first floor. You can easily watch your kids play around outside as you relax indoors. Your eyes will light up when you notice how much space the kitchen has! The counter space is extremely inviting and lets you have room for all of your ingredients for a delicious meal. The open kitchen design lets those preparing a meal still be part of the conversation in the living area. Granite countertops and beautiful white cabinetry make the kitchen a popular spot at which to hang out.

Three Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms

It is always important to find a vacation rental that offers plenty of space to host everyone in your party. We understand just how difficult it can be reserving multiple hotel rooms. Instead, host your entire party or family at Cortina Mountain Chalet. The spacious home allows up to 12 individuals to sleep comfortably under a single roof. The master bedroom is located on the first floor, allowing the heads of the household to have easy access to everything in the home. You will find a king-size bed and a large flat screen TV in the room. On the second floor you will find the additional bedrooms. One is larger than the other and fits a full-size bed along with a sleeper cot. The third bedroom features a queen size bed, allowing even more to sleep comfortably. Each bedroom comes fitted with all the linens you need. Three full-size bathrooms can be found in the home on the main floor, second floor, and basement. That means no more waiting in line for your shower as you prepare for another day in Vermont!

Bonus Play Area and Loft

Keeping your kids engaged can be difficult in the age of technology. However, they will have a blast when they find the bonus play area located on the second floor. Another reading area or loft can be found above the garage that leads to a window with direct view of the mountains. As we mentioned there is plenty of space for everyone here at Cortina Mountain Chalet!

Don’t Forget the Basement

If you need even more space do not forget about checking out the basement. This bottom level of the home features a queen-sized sleeper sofa and another large flat screen TV. This is the perfect area for young children to sleep in who often like to make a lot of noise. The full-size bathroom in the basement lets them keep to a single level instead of multiple trips up the stairs!

Access to Killington

Best of all, the Cortina Mountain Chalet is just a short drive away from Killington. It is just around the corner from the Killington Access Road and Killington Mountain to enjoy some skiing. Cortina Mountain Chalet offers all of the privacy one could want when staying outside of the city. Don’t forget about the outdoor hot tub and fire pit that will warm you up even on the coldest of days. Cortina Mountain Chalet is one of our most popular properties, so do not hesitate on booking your reservation today!

Booking a stay at Mountain Green Resort truly affords you the opportunity to soak up everything this mountain town has to offer. Staying just a few minutes from downtown Killington, but also just a few minutes from the top of Killington Peak, you can take advantage of delicious restaurants, epic mountain adventures, and breathtaking scenery everywhere you go. You’ll love every minute you get to stay in this magical mountain Killington condo!

All the Comforts of Home

You will love everything about this mountain retreat. Featuring 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, there is plenty of room for up to 6 guests. The first bedroom provides a quality queen mattress bed furnished with a decorative matching bedroom set. Unpack your belongings in the wood dresser provided before relaxing in bed while watching the flat screen tv provided. For a different view, simply your turn your head and drink in the views of evergreen trees and cascading mountains outside the window. The second bedroom is outfitted with two twin beds, making this a perfect second room to accommodate your guests comfortably. With another flat screen tv as well as closet space, your guests will love having a quiet room to which they can retreat.

When it comes to gathering together with your guests, you simply cannot beat the living space in this adorable unit. With an open concept, you’ll love how easy it is to gather, whether you’re preparing food in the kitchen, sitting at the dining table, relaxing on the sofa in the living room, or hanging out on the patio taking advantage of the spectacular views of the Killington Golf Course. Keep the refrigerator and pantry stocked with your favorite foods for easy snacks to grab for your upcoming adventures or to throw together an easy meal at your convenience. When it comes time to put your feet up, whether you’re leisurely enjoying your morning coffee or have settle down with an evening cocktail, take full advantage of the wood burning fireplace. Snuggle in under a blanket, sip hot cocoa in a large mug, or even cook your own smores in the privacy of your own room, as wood logs are included with your stay and easy to come by.

Resort Living at Its Finest

Perhaps the best thing about booking a stay at Mountain Green Resort is the amenities. No matter what time of year you visit, you’ll find there’s always plenty to do without even leaving the comfort of the resort.

Should you be planning your visit for the summer months, you can look forward to the outdoor pool and BBQ grills, because nothing says summer like a day by the pool and a juicy burger cooked over an open flame. The outdoor pool area is open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.

During the winter months, you can look forward to the peak season and everything it has to offer. The indoor pool/hot tub and health club open Thanksgiving weekend and usually close by Easter weekend and you won’t believe how much there is to do. You’ll have primary access to the spa with a massive 54-ft indoor heated pool, hot tubs, steam room, weight & cardio rooms, racquetball court, eucalyptus room, dry sauna and so much more. Once Christmas comes around, you can look forward to the resort restaurant opening. Usually open through Easter weekend, families and adults alike enjoy taking advantage of the arcade and bar as well.

Please note that GetAway Vacations cannot guarantee the hours and operation of the resort facilities, as it changes depending upon the season. Please call the resort directly, 800-336-7754, to confirm which facilities will be open during your stay.

As if all of this wasn’t incentive enough, there’s another huge advantage you don’t want to miss out on. With the resort offering 24-hour security, you can easily park your car at the resort and forget about it. Don’t fret about driving in a new place, winter road conditions, not being able to have a drink at the restaurant or getting frustrated with the navigation system. Instead, take full advantage of the free shuttle service. Whether you’re looking to catch a ride to the ski lodge or would rather head to town, they’ll take you wherever you want to go. The shuttle stops at the resort every half hour on weekdays and every 15 minutes during weekends and even runs at night.

To comply with Vermont State Covid-19 mandates, the Mountain Green Association Board of Directors has mandated that all public amenities (pools, restaurants, and health club facilities including the sauna, steam room, weight room, aerobic room, and racquetball/basketball court) will remain closed for the 2020/2021 winter ski season. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Reserve Your Killington Condo Today

Contact us today to reserve Mt Green 1-D02 so you can start getting excited about your upcoming mountain getaway!

You will love everything this newly renovated Mountain Green condo has to offer. Situated in a prime location that’s just minutes away from downtown Killington as well as the scenic slopes of Killington Peak, you’ll find yourself living the best of both worlds when you stay in this fully furnished apartment.

Everything You Crave from a Mountain Retreat

This cozy 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit is perfect for you and your guests. Accommodating up to 4 people, you’ll find you have everything you need to settle in and truly relax on your mountain getaway retreat. You’ll love the clean and fresh look of the rental, complete with newly painted walls, wood floors, new kitchen appliances, new lighting, and vanities. Not only that, but there are also new flat screens TVs in both the living room and bedroom, making it easy for you and your guests to relax in comfort. Let the kids watch cartoons in the living room while you watch a grownup show from the comfort of your bed or take advantage of his and hers separate spaces with the game on one TV and HGTV on the other. No matter how you decide to split your screen time, definitely take advantage of the warm wood-burning fireplace in the privacy of your own home after a day on the mountain, sipping hot chocolate or a crisp glass of wine as you fully relax by the crackling fire. Enjoy the gorgeous mountain views from the living room and bedroom any time of the day, from marveling at the view from bed, sitting on the sofa with your feet up and a good book in your hand, or checking the weather in real time from your private patio before you head out for the day’s adventures.

But perhaps the best perk of all is having a full kitchen of your own. With such a close proximity to the mountain and town, it doesn’t matter how you choose to spend your day. It’s always easy to pack a bag loaded with sustenance for the day or simply swing back home for a quick meal between adventures. At the end of the day, especially when you’ve got a private fireplace and mountain views at your disposal, you can easily opt for dinner in—whether that means getting takeout or stocking up with groceries at the local market for delicious meals in the comfort of your own home.

A Mountain Green Condo with Amazing Resort Amenities

The resort offers 24-hr security, so rest assured you can park your car and leave it for a worry-free vacation, opting instead to enjoy the free shuttle service provided by the resort. Whether you want to head to downtown Killington or catch a ride to the top of the mountain, they’ll take you wherever you want to go. The shuttle stops at the resort every half hour on weekdays and every 15 minutes during weekends, continuing to run at night so you can easily head to the bars and restaurants without worrying about how you’ll get home.

During the winter months, there are a variety of activities to keep you entertained without ever leaving the resort. Visitors who love to goof off will enjoy the arcade, while others may opt instead for the restaurant and bar. There is also the Black Dog Ski Shop, which provides guests with quality winter gear rentals at a very reasonable price, demos on gear usage, and repairs and tune-ups on your own gear. They also sell quality gear and winter sports apparel.

As for recreation, you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy the outdoor pool and BBQ grills in the summer months. Alternatively, your resort stay also gives you access to the spa with a massive 54-ft indoor heated pool, hot tubs, steam room, weight & cardio rooms, racquetball court, eucalyptus room, dry sauna, and much more during the winter months. Every guest has access to the coin-operated laundry room located in each building, as well as ski lockers.

The Fine Print

Please note, pets are not allowed in this condo.

Getaway Vacations cannot guarantee the hours and operation of the resort facilities, as it changes depending upon the season. Please call the resort directly, 800-336-7754, to confirm which facilities will be open during your stay. Typically, the schedule is as follows:

The indoor pool/hot tub and health club open Thanksgiving weekend and usually close by Easter weekend.

The restaurant usually opens the week of Christmas and is closed by Easter weekend.

The outdoor pool is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.

To comply with Vermont State Covid-19 mandates, the Mountain Green Association Board of Directors has mandated that all public amenities (pools, restaurants, and health club facilities including the sauna, steam room, weight room, aerobic room, and racquetball/basketball court) will remain closed for the 2020/2021 winter ski season. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This extremely special three-level home is probably exactly what you picture when you imagine yourself in the woods of Vermont. Drawing on the characteristics of a barn in a meadow, this Killington mountain cabin rental is surrounded by trees—some evergreen and some budding in the spring or leaves changing in the fall, creating a perfect landscape for your next vacation.

A Killington Mountain Cabin Rental in the Woods with Benefits

Nestled into the tree line of Pittsfield, Vermont, this 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home can accommodate up to 10 people. Perfect for a large family, a group of friends, a wedding party, and everything in-between, guests will love the vibrant tones and good vibes emanating from each room. The large yard is perfect for kids and adults to play, or to simply sit and enjoy the calm of the country.

To start, the classic country kitchen is the perfect place to gather with your guests. Complete with two kitchen sinks, you really can host a large group of people here without breaking a sweat. Loading the dishwasher while someone else brews coffee while someone else still is scrambling eggs is totally doable. Not only that, but everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home and this gem is no exception. With three barstools for you and your guests to perch at, truly everyone can gather together as meals are prepared, stories are told, drinks are stirred, and laughs are shared. With full-sized appliances, it’s easy to stock up on your favorite delicious foods, keeping snacks on hand to avoid a hangry outburst before it can rear its ugly head. Throwing food into a pack for your days adventures is a cinch, but so is preparing meals for your group. The kitchen is outfitted with all the gadgets you need to create a 7-course meal, set up a buffet style dinner, or simply reheat food from your restaurant excursion.

When it comes to gathering together, guests love the extra-large dining table. Perfect for large meals, sorting a puzzle, and playing cards, there’s room for everyone here. The living room is another favorite hangout, featuring a large sectional sofa with beautiful picture windows that feature the changing landscape outside. Whether its snow falling, leaves changing, or sun shining, you won’t be disappointed. Another key feature that this residence highlights is the den on the ground level. This space spotlights a queen futon sofa, a large flatscreen TV, a designated mudroom (hooray for leaving the muddy adventures in one spot as you head in to relax), and additional tables for gathering together or simply setting up a workspace because these days work and school can follow us anywhere. This level is also home to a full bathroom and laundry area, which is great when you’ve spent your days playing in the snow or hiking to waterfalls.

The bedrooms are featured on the upper level. The master bedroom has a beautiful bronze colored frame for the king size bed, featuring plush bedding and light-blocking drapes that can cleverly disguise the private patio off the bedroom. Bedroom number two has a queen size bed with tranquil wall colors and bold textiles to welcome you to sleep. Finally, the third bedroom has a queen and single bed, ensuring there is room for everyone to lay their weary heads at the end of the day. Also conveniently located on this upper level is another full-sized bathroom.

***Important Notice*** This is property is located on a dirt road in the mountains with a steep driveway, so it is highly recommended that you travel in an all-wheel/4WD vehicle during the winter months. Also consider that Vermont towns tend to have spotty cell services that could affect your GPS devices, so it is recommended you print out the directions to the property before embarking on your journey.

So Much Fun to Be Had

Pittsfield is just a 15-minute drive north of Killington, which means you’re close enough to experience all of the fun the area has to offer but far enough away to truly get away from it all. Don’t fret about being too far away from modern conveniences though, as the General Store is just a quick walk from the property (no one is running out of coffee on our watch!).

When it comes to exploring, Killington is the East Coast’s biggest outdoor playground, so rest assured you’ll have plenty to do. If you’re visiting in the warmer months, check out the local pool or hike instead to some of the breathtaking swimming holes and waterfalls. Visitors love taking in a game of golf or opt instead for something a little more adrenaline inducing like mountain biking and hiking. In the winter months, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow tubing, and snow shoeing are just the beginning of things to do.

The Country Is Calling

Trade in the city lights for a truly relaxing stay in the bosom of Vermont’s alpine trees and mountains. Contact one of our friendly staff members who would be happy to assist you in making your reservation and planning your trip.