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Love is in the air when you spend your Valentine’s Day holiday in Killington. There are plenty of romantic activities that will show your loved one how much you enjoy spending time with them. Here are some ways to plan for romantic getaway vacations in Killington for Valentine’s Day:

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Thundering Falls Trail

One of the best ways to show your loved one a romantic and thrilling activity is taking a hike up to Thundering Falls Trail. This local trail is one of the most popular trails in the area and for good reason. A short and easy hike takes you up to the actual falls. While Thundering Falls is nowhere as big as Niagara Falls, it is still a beautiful sight to behold. Expect to take plenty of pictures with your significant other with the falls in the backdrop. The temperature will still be very chilly around Valentine’s with plenty of snow on the ground; make sure you dress for the hike.

Candlelit Dinner for Valentine’s

You have plenty of options to choose from when finding the perfect host for Valentine’s dinner. Many local restaurants have a romantic interior and feature delicious food. Reserve your meal at Wobbly Barn, a fine dining establishment that focuses on made to order steaks. Another popular restaurant that is chosen for Valentine’s dinner is The Foundry at Summit Pond. While this restaurant is a part of Killington Resort, you do not have to be a guest to enjoy a meal there. Both restaurants are very popular, so make sure to place your reservation in advance to secure a table on Valentine’s Day.

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Go Snowmobiling

While snowmobiling may not sound like the most romantic activity at first, it has plenty of potential. There is nothing that will bring two loved ones closer together than exploring somewhere new with each other. Let Snowmobiling Vermont take you to all the must-see areas surrounding Killington. You can find a little spot to call your own and remember your trip by.

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Get Ready for Your Romantic GetAway Vacations in Killington

These are just a few of the romantic activities waiting for you in Killington. Get ready for your romantic excursion by reserving one of our vacation properties in the area, we offer an impressive array of vacation rentals, from comfortable two-bedroom apartments to large mountain homes. You will have an entire home all to you and your significant other for a truly romantic stay.

As we enter the deepest and darkest days of winter, the one bright spot for many people is the celebration of the most romantic holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day. This holiday of hearts and candies is just around the corner, and because it lands on a Thursday, we’re thinking your own special Valentine will appreciate a getaway in the land of snow and mountains, our own home state of Vermont! The Green Mountain State may turn a pale shade of white during the month of February, but it and our hometown of Killington still offer many opportunities to show your Valentine just how much he or she means to you! Learn more about spending a Vermont Valentine’s Day in Killington below!

A Walk Through the Snow

Not all romantic adventures are grand gestures. Sometimes all it takes is a simple walk through the snow and trees, holding hands with the ones we love most. Starting your Valentine’s escape this way will set the pace for the entire weekend. Thundering BrookFalls Trail is one of our favorites. Wheelchair accessible and offering a breathtaking view of the falls, a romantic walk along the boardwalk should be first on your Valentine’s Day bucket list.

The Quickest Way to the Heart

A romantic dinner makes us fall in love harder and faster, and when you and your Valentine share some martinis and tapas at The Garlic, located at 1724 Killington Road, your hearts will beat a little faster at the sights and scents that greet you once inside this chic spot. Italian food is the language of romance, and their eggplant towers and shrimp and scallop fettuccine dishes will be all the proof that you are loved!

Gliding Across the Ice

To us, ice skating with your favorite date is the most romantic of all experiences, and Summit Pond offers the ultimate good time every winter! Holding hands, giggling when one of you starts to fall, and sharing a hot chocolate and more laughter to warm up after your ice skating on Summit Pond adventure has completed, it’s these moments that warm the heart and makes you appreciate your relationship even more!

Sharing Secrets in Front of a Roaring Fire During Your Vermont Valentine’s Day

When your relationship was still new and shiny, it was common to share quiet conversations revealing secrets and sharing dreams, but as life grows more hectic, those moments start to dwindle. Our GetAway Vacationsromantic love nests offer you the opportunity to catch up on those lost moments; fireside chats and early morning whispers before you roll out of bed will keep your relationship strong and make this Vermont  Valentine’s Day even more special. Reserve your stay with us today!