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Attention cyclists: the dates of the 2017 Vermont Challenge have been announced! From August 17 to 20, join other riders from across the U.S. and Canada in a tour through south and central Vermont. Enjoy the picturesque countryside, the quaint historic villages, and the incredible views during your journey. Strap on your helmet and pump up your tires for the Vermont Challenge!

Looking for places to visit before you take off on the Vermont Challenge? Download our free Vacation Guide! We’ve listed the best restaurants and shops to stop by before your biking adventure.

Everything to Know About the Vermont Challenge

The Vermont Challenge is broken up into two stages: Valley and Mountain. The Valley Stages begin out of Dana Thompson Park in Manchester, VT. The Mountain Stages begin out of Stratton Mountain.

One of the best parts about the Vermont Challenge is its customizability. If you’re not sure you want to take on all four days of the challenge, you can choose the three-day, two-day, and one-day package instead. The days you choose to ride do not have to be consecutive so you can pick which days sound the most fun for you! You can also choose between a long, medium, or short route. Meeting places and times for each route, as well as the length and ascent, are posted on the event website.

Each rider will receive goodie bags, a jersey, a t-shirt, a water bottle, and farm-to-table lunches. Riders will feel confident knowing they have a support system riding with them, assisting with any issues with bikes or giving advice on the best way to ride.

Check out the Great Extras!

The third day is definitely the most exciting. It features the “Ride Up” Bike Festival that’s designed to show riders how to take the challenge to the next level. The exhibitors at the festival will focus on training advice, equipment, bike fit, nutrition, hydration, and more! There will also be live music. In the evening, cyclists will attend a laser light show featuring the music of Pink Floyd. Tickets for this event are not included in the admission package.

Aside from the great planned activities, the Vermont Challenge organizers have plenty of suggestions for other fun things to do. After all, the Vermont Challenge isn’t just about the ride. If you’d like more sightseeing, the organizers suggest you check out Mount Equinox and other green mountain hiking trails. If you’d rather admire a piece of American history, visit Hildene in Manchester, VT. While you’re in Manchester, browse The Vermont Country Store.

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Everyone loves a challenge, whether it is making a cake or running a 10k for the first time. There are several ways to enjoy the countryside; one way to see it is on the Vermont Challenge. This August, ride across the beautiful state on a challenge that will test your limits. Read on to find out more on the Vermont Challenge!

The 4th Annual Vermont Challenge is this August 13th to the 16th. The bicycle tour takes competitors across southern Vermont in 2, 3, or 4 days. The events include the signature Saturday 8/15 Gran, Medio and Piccolo Fondo plus the “Ride UP” Bike Festival for all the riders! This is a challenge that you don’t want to miss!

The Vermont Challenge Schedule

Saturday, begin your journey with a ride winding up a four-mile climb to Statton Mountain Resort, which is the only mountain resort-top Gran Fondo finish east of the Continental Divide. The trek up the hill is difficult but well worth the effort. In addition to the 100 miles Gran Fondo, the Vermont Challenge features a Medio, which is 65 miles, and Piccolo, which is 26 miles. The entire family will love this adventure!

Thursday is the beginning of the events. All rides depart at 8 A.M. and return to Dana Thompson Park. You have the option between the Long Route which is 66.0-miles, the Medium Route which is 40.3-miles and the Short Route which is 29.4-miles. On Friday, the rides depart again at 8 A.M. but will return to the Vermont Country Store. Riders have the option to take the Long Route, 53.4-miles, the Medium Route, 34.5-miles, and the Short Route, 25.2-miles. On Fondo Saturday, the festivities continue. The Gran Fondo departs at 7:30 A.M. from the Stratton Mountain Base Lodge; it is a 101.0-mile challenge. The Medio Fondo is a 65.2 or 61.2-mile race. The last day, Sunday, is filled with three more exciting races, the Long Route, 57.5-miles, the Medium Route, 39.6-miles, and the Short Route, 23.3-miles. These races will depart at 8 A.M. from Dana Thompson Park! All these races are fantastic and worth your time! Click here to view the list of the Vermont Challenge.

At the end of the Saturday event, riders have the opportunity to take part in the “Ride Up” Bike Festival at the Stratton’s Village! The Festival is designed to show everyone how to take your riding to the next level. Exhibitors will be there to help you with training advice and equipment, hydration, nutrition and more!

Experience The Vermont Challenge

The Vermont Challenge is filled with adventures that will create memories that you won’t forget! As you are training for the races, make sure you find a place to stay! GetAway Vacations has an array of rentals from which to choose, allowing you to find one that fits your needs. We’ve also put together a wonderful Vacation Guide full of tips and resources to help familiarize you with the area. This guide should definitely prove useful when planning what to do when you are not cycling through the countryside! Start planning your trip today!