You do not need to struggle to find reasons to visit Killington, as they are endless. As long as the list may be, the incredible beauty of this natural landscape tops it for nearly every visitor. Simply stepping outside is enough to provide a pleasant experience, but there are many ways to enjoy the beauty. One of the best ways to do so is by visiting one of the town’s amazing parks. The following are some of the most beautiful Killington parks.

Gifford Woods State Park

This massive park provides the best opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. It positioned in some of the most beautiful wilderness at the base of Pico Peak. Throughout its 285 acres of pristine wooded terrain, you will find camping, picnicking, fishing, and hiking trails, including a section of the world-famous Appalachian Trail. There are few places better to enjoy the beauty of Killington than at Gifford Woods State Park. Find it at 34 Gifford Woods Rd.

Killington Recreation Department

The Killington Recreation Department goes above and beyond in providing facilities and fields that allow people to get outside and enjoy this beautiful place. You can find endless opportunities along River Road near the Killington Ski Resort. Find the Johnson Recreation Center at 2782 River Road. Here, you can enjoy a pool, basketball court, baseball field, soccer fields, tennis courts, and more. There are endless opportunities here for enjoying the outdoors.

One of the Best Killington Parks: Kent Pond

Kent Pond is the place to go for picnics, swimming, and fishing. Along with being spectacularly beautiful, Kent Pond is a great place to catch largemouth bass. You can find the best fishing opportunities along the dam breast on the southeast side of the lake, but finding any spot along the shore is always a worthwhile experience. Find it just north of Route 4 along Thundering Brook Rd.

The Most Beautiful Vacation Rentals in Killington

Killington parks are not the only spectacle in Killington, as you can also find so many beautiful homes, many of which could be your home away from home while you are in town. You will find a good representation of the real estate quality throughout the town by taking a look at the selection provided by GetAway Vacations. We have something for everyone, including homes, townhomes, condos, and more. From single bedroom accommodations up to 5-bedroom palaces, you can expect spacious interiors generously appointed with high-end furniture, top of the line kitchen appliances, beautiful décor, and much more. Contact us today to find the vacation of your dreams and to learn more about Killington parks.

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