Killington, Vermont is a rich city with countless opportunities at every street corner. How will you possibly decide which Killington restaurant to eat at, what to do, and how to fill the day? These are always tough choices when visiting a city, but when it comes to Killington, there are few places you simply cannot afford to miss.

Roaring Brooks Umbrella Bar

Enjoy the fantastic views this bar has to offer during all four seasons. In the winter you can enjoy hot beverages to warm you from the snow, and in the summer, you can sit back and enjoy ice cold beverages while the sun goes down. Live music will keep you entertained on the outdoor deck as you lounge on the comfortable seating, and the view is unparalleled no matter what time of year it is.

Killington Restaurant and Bar: Whittlepeg Whiskey

Between Ben & Jerry’s factory and the ski and brewery hub, you’ll find the classy Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co., inside of which you will find a WhistlePig Tasting Room. Whittlepeg Whiskey holds an unmatched passion for rye whiskey. Sip on samples of these innovative and award-winning whiskeys while browsing the shop.

Truly Unique Gift Shop

This one-stop shop for souvenirs is aptly named. It’s truly an awe-inspiring collection of products produced by local artists and craftsmen. This is the perfect place to stop in for souvenirs, gifts, or even just to spend the afternoon browsing through the wide array of products, which range from deliciously scented candles and mouthwatering jams and syrups, all the way to gorgeous jewelry, ceramics, and art.

Simon Pearce

Experience the art of glassmaking as you never have before. This designer glassware is inspired by a centuries-old Georgian glassmaking technique and uses only the finest raw materials. The current collection uses creative sculptural angles and their unique reflectivity to create one-of-a-kind and aesthetically jaw-dropping glass art that you won’t see anywhere else.

The Highline Lodge

This lodge is truly a hidden treasure, visited more by locals in-the-know than by tourists. It’s one of those places you just have to know about beforehand to find it since it’s tucked out of sight along the access road. The bar is beautiful, with an NYC style restaurant and a quiet and friendly atmosphere. Comfortable furnishings, couches to lounge on, and a ski lodge aesthetic will make you feel right at home, like one of the locals.

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