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History Buff Journey to Killington

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There’s something for everyone in Killington, including for the history buffs. Killington and its surrounding area have a rich history of farming and mills, which you can experience at multiple museums and historic sites. Check out our go-to locations for Vermont history buffs.

Visit Calvin Coolidge’s Hometown

Fifteen minutes south of Killington is the 30th U.S. President Calvin Coolidge’s hometown, the tiny village of Plymouth Notch.

You’ll be able to visit the homes of Calvin Coolidge’s family and neighbors, the community church, cheese factory, one-room schoolhouse and general store. Many of the village’s buildings have their original furnishings. You’ll get an excellent sense of what life was like for the Coolidge’s by touring the multiple, well-preserved buildings.

While in town, you can visit the Calvin Coolidge Museum and Education Center, which was built in 1972 to celebrate the centennial of the president’s birth. Rotating exhibits explore the president’s upbringing, life and career. The home is furnished exactly as it was in 1923.

President Coolidge is buried in the town’s cemetery. There are seven generations of Coolidges buried there, a testament to Vermont history.

History Buff Journey to Killington History Buff Journey to Killington

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Bridgewater Woolen Mill

Though this 180-year-old mill isn’t located directly in Killington, we think it’s a worthwhile side trip. Today, the mill houses the workshop and showroom of ShackletonThomas, a custom wood furniture and pottery maker.

The mill has nine connected buildings and a free-standing chimney. A textile mill was built on this site in 1828, but the mill as it stands today was likely built in 1853.

While you’re in Bridgewater, take a moment to check out the Bridgewater Historical Society, where you can view artifacts, works of art, photographs and other archival material from Bridgewater’s heritage.

Killington History at Billings Farm and Museum

Located 30 minutes away from Killington, Billings Farm is the historic home and farm of Frederick Billings, a Vermont lawyer, railroad builder, and pioneer in scientific farm management and reforestation. Billings built his farm in 1871 and it became one of the most progressive dairy farms in New England.

While there, you can visit the fully-restored home of George Aitken, Billings’s farm manager. The home contains Aitken’s business office, the sitting room and a butter creamery. Farm Life Exhibits are housed in four original historic barns. Inside four original historic barns, you can learn Killington’s history about what life was like on a typical Vermont farm a century ago.

You’ll need a few days to learn everything you can about Vermont’s history. Check out our cozy, spacious rentals that put you at the heart of it all in Killington. Call us or check out website today to start planning your vacation!