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Skiing Journey to Killington Mountain

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Skiing is the biggest reason come to Killington. And it’s a darn good reason. The town is virtually based around the sport. We’re a small town with a big-time sports scene. We have two huge ski resorts, Pico Mountain and Killington Mountain. Killington is the largest ski area on the East Coast and is the second highest point in Vermont.

Killington Ski Guide Overview

Pico Mountain, which has 19 miles of trails over 468 skiable acres, is smaller than Killington, which has 73 miles of trails over 1,509 skiable acres. Together, the resorts, which are managed by the same company, make up nearly 2,000 skiable acres.

Each resort offers trails from easy to double black diamonds, many of them reaching to the very top of the mountain. And they are constantly evolving. Killington recently made $25 million in upgrades to the resort, including new lifts, modernization of the K-1 Express Gondola, construction of tunnels for better skier flow across the resort, introduction of RFID ticketing, and snowmaking improvements.

Skiing Journey to Killington Mountain Skiing Journey to Killington Mountain

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Both resorts offer tons of dining options. Killington offers more off-season sporting options than Pico. It has an entire adventure park on site.

World-Class Restaurants, Spas and Entertainment

Our Killington ski resorts aren’t just about the slopes. They’re a whole vacation experience in themselves. The resorts even offer childcare and ski rentals in Killington, VT. When you’re not on the slopes, you can sit down for a drink at the Skye Bar or warm up with a latte at the Grand Cafe. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated when your skiing day is over, try Preston’s. To relax those sore muscles, try a massage at the Grand Spa. Vermont maple scrub, anyone?

Getting Around

Getting around Killington Mountain is quick and easy with several shuttle bus systems. The Bus is an express line servicing several counties in Vermont. The Diamond Express runs along Highway 4 (Killington Road) from the Diamond Run Mall in Rutland to the Killington Ski Resort, passing the Pico Mountain Ski Resort along the way.

A one-way trip from Rutland to Killington is just $2. You also can purchase summer and winter passes for $150, which are great for those frequent trips to the slopes and valley trails. Service operates seven days a week beginning at 7:15 a.m. and ending at 11:15 p.m.

Your winter wonderland is waiting for you in Killington. Call us today or browse our rentals and start planning your next ski trip!