Vermont may not be your first thought when thinking of incredible wineries to visit during a vacation getaway. However, Vermont currently hosts a variety of great wineries, including Fable Farm Fermentory, a unique winery in the area that uses apples to make incredible adult beverages with hearts and hands. The chemistry has been perfected at Fable Farm Fermentory, allowing you to visit a locale where the production is just as magical as tasting the end result.

Cider, Wine, Perry, and more!

Fable Farm Fermentory uses delicious fresh fruit to make their products. Their selection includes wine made from grapes, ciders from apples, grape-apple wine, and meads from birch sap and honey. Each beverage uses a native yeast fermentation and is aged in a cave until maturation. This unique process makes the output limited but creates a special product.

Feast & Field Market

The Feast and Field Market is a unique event put on every Thursday from June through October that includes live music, farm fresh food, and locals from the community having a great time.  Make sure to stop by the Feast and Field Market if you are visiting during the summer and fall months!

Stop by the Tasting Room

For a taste of Fable Farm Fermentory, you can stop by every Saturday at their tasting room. The tasting room is open for limited hours from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Visitors will be available to enjoy tasting flights, glass pours, bottle sales, and even a few nibbles. You can reserve the tasting room for private tastings by contact Fable Farm Fermentory directly.

Finding Fable Farm Fermentory

You can stop by the tasting room found at 1525 Royalton Turnpike in Barnard, Vermont. Get your questions answered by calling 802-234-5288 or by emailing

More to Enjoy in Vermont

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