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Killington Peak Loop

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The Killington Peak Loop trail is a 4.1-mile loop to the top of Killington Peak, the second highest mountain in Vermont. The trail has a moderate difficulty and an elevation gain of 1,604 feet. The top of the mountain is above the tree line and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and rolling hills. The most popular time to hike the Killington Peak Loop trail is May – October and it is best to go on a clear day so you can truly appreciate the views from the top.

Hiking the Killington Peak Loop

The trail starts off of Killington Road and heads toward the northwest. The foot of the mountain is covered with grassy fields. During the spring and summer, these fields are covered in colorful Vermont wildflowers. As you begin to gain elevation, these fields become forested with green mossy forest floors. In October the surrounding landscape is many different hues of red, orange, and yellow from the leaves changing.

As you continue your way up the mountain you’ll see the top of Snowdon Peak, which is just west of Killington Peak. Beyond that is Ramshead Peak. As you your way back down from the top of the mountain you will be able to enjoy expansive views of Skye Peak and Bear Mountain Peak to the south of Killington Peak.

No matter what time of year you are planning your vacation, Killington is the perfect Vermont destination. During the summer the mountain offers miles of hiking trails with stunning views, and the area is dotted with rivers and lakes to cool off in. During the winter, Killington turns into a skier’s dream.

Staying in Killington

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