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Long Trail

Killington, Vermont is a haven for all of the hikers out there. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places that you will find anywhere in the country, it is home to more hiking trails than you will encounter in most places. The community here really knows how to take advantage of the natural beauty, and one of the best examples of this is Long Trail. Traversing this trail is sure to be one of the best experiences you have had in nature in a long time.

Long Trail Vermont

As the name tends to suggest, this is one of the longest trails that you will find in the Killington area. It leads from the heart of Killington all the way to the Green Mountain National Forest. Throughout this hike you are constantly immersed in some of the most incredible natural landscape in the northeast United States.

Since the trail is so long, it is conveniently broken up into sections so you can plan you excursion according to what you want to see and the type of hike you want to take. There are sections that demand a good amount of exertion, but also sections that provide an easygoing hike. The most popular part of the trail is right around Killington in a 6-mile ascent to the top of Killington Peak. This can be a strenuous stretch, as it climbs just under 2,500 foot to the top of the peak. Once you reach the top, all of your work will be well worth it, because here you will find the best views in the area. You can see the charming town itself, along with the incredible wilderness that surrounds. Long Trail Vermont has something for everyone!

What is great about this trail is you can take advantage of it in any way you want. Take on some steep ascents for a nice sweat or just bring a picnic and take a leisurely stroll into the forest to enjoy it. Regardless of how you go about it, you will love your experience on Long Trail.

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