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The Stash

The Stash is a unique terrain course in Killington. It was created in collaboration with Burton. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out The Stash. It will challenge you and offer plenty of fun. This isn’t your average Killington snowboarding track, this is The Stash Killington.


The Stash is located at Killington Ski Resort on Bear Mountain, which is on the west side of the mountain. It’s accessed by the Skye Peak Express Quad and Superstar Express Quad lifts.

Features at The Stash Killington

The Stash features more than 65 medium and large features, including log rails, wall rides, and other natural features that weave on and off trail.

The Slash and Berm

Slalom’s annual Slash and Berm is hosted at The Stash. The event raises funds for the High Five Foundation, which supports outdoor athletes who suffer life-altering injuries. The event features individual and team Killing snowboarding races.

Lil Stash

If you’re bringing your young snowboarders to Killington, check out the Lil Stash. It’s located at Ramshead Mountain and is accessed by the Ramshead Express Quad. It has more than seven small features including rock jibs, wooden boxes, wall rides and more.

If you’re seeking a snowboarding experience that’s a little different, consider Killington for your next winter adventure. Call us today and we’ll help you find the perfect vacation home to pair with your outdoor adventure.

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