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Home Care for Your Rental Properties

HomeProperty Management Killington RegionHome Care for Your Rental Properties

Living in Vermont, you probably understand the need for year-round home care to keep up on your property. By choosing GetAway Vacations to rent out your home for vacation rentals, you are entitled to many home care benefits. From property management to professional housekeeping, yearly audits, departure and arrival inspections, and maintenance inspections, we make sure your vacation rental is properly cared for. Here is what you can expect from our home care services if you allow us to rent out your home:

Full Service Property Management

It can be difficult to manage your property during the months you are not in the home. We offer full-service property management that will take care of all your property needs. You can rest assured knowing that your home is being properly cared for during the months you are away.

Professional Housekeeping for Your Rentals

Another incredible service we offer to our homeowners is an in-house professional housekeeping service. We all know our homes can get build up dust faster than we expect. We will make sure the inside of your home looks brand new for each renter.

Yearly Audits

Each year, we will complete a professional audit and provide you information on what upgrades and changes we think can make your property more competitive for rentals and your own enjoyment. Not only will we recommend the services, but also complete them for you. No more looking for a handy man; let us do the hard work for you!

Rental Inspections

Before each arrival and after each departure, we will inspect the home to make sure everything is in perfect order. Do not let bad experiences others have shared from other rental companies scare you into thinking your home will be wrecked. We will ensure your home is in great shape for each visit.

Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance inspections are also completed throughout the year so everything is in working order in your home. If you think something might be ready to fall apart, we will make sure we catch it during one of our maintenance inspections.

Choosing Get Away Vacations

Now is the time to let Get Away Vacations help you generate extra income from your by renting your home for future vacation rentals. We take pride in the home care we provide so you can sit back and relax. Contact us with any questions you may have on using your home as a possible vacation rental this season.