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Want to Sell More Killington VT Rentals? Here’s How

HomeProperty Management Killington RegionWant to Sell More Killington VT Rentals? Here’s How

The goal for any real estate agent naturally is to sell more vacation rentals in the area. The more you sell, the more you make. With GetAway Vacations we want to help you sell more vacation rentals with some of our luxury rentals available. We work hand-in-hand with agents to position the sale, provide helpful tools, and manage all of our potential clients. Here is how you can sell more vacation rentals with our help over at GetAway Vacations:

Position the Killington VT Rentals

The way you approach a vacation rental is similar to that of purchasing or leasing a home. As an agent you want to position the house with proven Killington VT rentals income. Once way to do that is by indicating the number of prior rentals. Next identify yourself as the go-to-agent in the area who is available for any questions the potential client may have. Once you have the property staged to rent, you will be on your way to a new client. We work with all real estate agents closely on our rental management properties.

#1 Tool to Sell More Rentals

Using a handy tool will always be helpful in netting you more rentals. We encourage our agents to pitch the property performance analysis reports you create with your potential clients. Show them the numbers on the previous successes to help draw them in. Our reports will better provide this information so you can become more knowledgeable about what each Killington Season Rentals property has to offer.

Client Management

All potential clients will need management to help them during their stay. Having a personal face they can relate and interact with makes establishing the relationship even easier. Once real estate agents understand how to generate revenue, home care, and reporting they will be better able to assist our potential clients.

Choosing GetAway Vacations for Your Killington Season Rentals

All these ideas will help you sell more rentals to all of our potential clients who are interested in GetAway Vacations. We currently work with around 15 agents in Killington, Vermont and continue to support their efforts. We currently have a list of contact information that we add to once we find more real estate agents to assist in our mutual goal. As always, please contact us with any questions you may have about our rental properties and how we can best assist your agent needs.