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5 Things to Look for in Rental Property Management Companies

Home5 Things to Look for in Rental Property Management Companies

There are a lot of rental property management companies, so finding the right one can make all the difference in the quality of your retirement life. Good ones can garner top dollar for their clients, while the bad ones may only be interested in how to make money for themselves, leaving your retirement plans swinging in the breeze. We’ve compiled this list of five things you should look for when it’s time to choose the right management company out of your many options of rental property management companies; if the company you are considering doesn’t offer these items, it’s definitely time to look in another direction—perhaps in the direction of GetAway Vacations property management services!

Quality Marketing Services

If your home isn’t being seen, how are you going to make any money? GetAway Vacations use a variety of marketing services designed to reach every possible demographic; it just makes good business sense!

Local Expertise

In the property management business, knowing the area may be as important as knowing the business. Vacationers always like to know about the best restaurants, local tourist attractions, and even where they can go to pick up groceries for their rental. If the property management company can’t provide this, or other important information near the property, the chances of your guests leaving good reviews or visiting again will be low.

Hands-On Approach

Technology is important, but it can’t substitute for the hands-on approach. Even as people appreciate the point-and-click technology that allows them to rent a property at 2AM, they don’t appreciate a voicemail that tells them to call back during business hours when the water heater floods their rental. This is when a visit by a warm human body is much appreciated!

Top Notch Maintenance Services

Speaking of flooding water heaters, the best way to avoid that 2AM call is with preventive maintenance. We make it our business to offer the best maintenance service, so your business can thrive and prosper!

High Return on Investment

At the end of the day, THIS is what it all boils down to. You’ve invested a lot in this business venture and you deserve the highest returns on that investment. GetAway Vacations follows the market to ensure that you aren’t charging too much for your rental or charging too little, which is basically throwing money away.

The Choice is Clear When Choosing from Rental Property Management Companies

If you want the right company out of all of the rental property management companies that follows the five criteria we listed above, and also treats your investment as if it was theirs, GetAway Vacations is the only place you should look. Give us a call today and make the right choice for your future.