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Our Mission

GetAway Vacations was founded with the idea that planning a vacation should be easy. Instead of making our guests jump through administrative hoops, we utilize technology to create a streamlined booking process that eliminates hassles found in traditional lodging. Even before guests arrive at our Killington rentals, we are ready to help them plan their perfect vacation in Killington, Vermont.

Whether you are looking to ski, mountain bike, golf, or just hang out with friends and family—we are here to help you enjoy everything that Vermont has to offer, from the comfort of a unique Killington vacation home of your choosing.

We have a small, tight-knit staff, and our headquarters is located on Route 4 in Killington, Vermont. We are a stone's throw away from all of our properties and are available to our guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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About Us


GetAway Vacations is a world class vacation rental and property management company, located in Killington, Vermont. We work with local owners to help them rent out their properties, and give our guests the opportunity to discover all that Vermont has to offer—while staying in a unique home of their choosing. At GetAway Vacations, we believe that by working closely with our property owners and rental guests we can provide the best possible experience for everyone.

While Vermont may be known for its old-fashioned charm, we pride ourselves on fully utilizing technology to give our guests a totally streamlined experience—from the moment they log on to our website, to the moment they step through the door into one of our rentals. By utilizing high definition photos, virtual tours, floor plans, online booking, and remote locks, we’ve been able to eliminate traditional hassles like check-in counters, paperwork and room keys. This way, our guests are able to spend more time enjoying themselves, and less time jumping through administrative hoops.

We are a fully transparent company. We want our guests to know exactly what to expect before they book their vacation rental. Our rates include all taxes and fees, and our website contains pictures of our rental properties from virtually every angle. We want our guests to feel totally comfortable before they book, and throughout their entire stay.

In addition to providing a world class rental experience, we like to pass on our expert knowledge of the Killington region to our guests. We’ve developed the Killington Vacation Guide App, which gives our guests everything they need to know about their property and the resources to plan an amazing getaway.

We want to provide our guests the opportunity to enjoy themselves in whatever way they see fit. Whether that means skiing, mountain biking, golfing, or just hanging out with friends and family—our properties give our guests the means to have the best vacation they can dream up. And we’re here to help every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on upgrading and maintaining all of our properties to ensure that they exceed expectations. Our portfolio includes some of the most desirable vacation rentals in Killington, and there’s something for everyone—like an adorable barn-style home off the beaten path, or a slopeside condo fit for a family skiing trip.

Our headquarters is on Route 4 in Killington, Vermont. We are a stone's throw away from all of our properties and are available to our guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our History


I’m Fred Cercena. As a kid, I grew up vacationing in Vermont. My family used to go on skiing trips to Vermont every year, and I always looked forward to it. For a long time, that was all I knew of Vermont—it seemed like skiing was the only thing to do in this small, quiet state.

Sometime around 2002, I got an invitation to come to Vermont during the summer. A friend of mine had a rental house, and would go up every summer. I’d only been to Vermont in the winter, so I decided to go and check it out.

It was during this trip that I realized all of what Vermont truly has to offer. Sure, skiing is great, but these summers were unbelievable! Cool nights, festivals during the day, amazing hiking, mountain biking, kayaking… I was blown away. I knew right then and there—something special was going on up here. I knew I wanted to invest in a rental property in Vermont—mainly as a financial investment—but also to use for myself when it wasn’t being rented.

I was working in internet consulting for car dealerships in 2008 when I bought my first property in Vermont. I figured I could use my knowledge of marketing cars to get into the rental market, so I took the plunge.

Two years after buying my first property, I bought a condo. I started to develop relationships with other owners in the area. By 2011, I was managing seven properties—and still working full time! I was trying to do this rental business on the side, as a sort of part time job. It was stressful, and I realized that I didn’t want to be working in internet consulting anymore… I wanted to build my own vacation rental company in Vermont. I loved this business and I wanted to turn what I had into something bigger.

So I quit my job, and GetAway Vacations was born.

Meet The Leadership Team

Fred Cercena

CEO | Founder


Sales Manager | Office Manager


Maintenance | Inspection Manager