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If you are looking for the perfect weekend to get out and explore Killington, we highly recommend Easter weekend. This spring holiday is a quieter holiday in Vermont, making it the perfect time to see what Killington is all about. Our town hosts a variety of Easter themed events in addition to the array of wonderful activities found in Killington at this time of year. Here is what to expect with Easter 2020 in Killington:

Easter Sunrise Service & Egg Hunt

Start off your Easter morning with a special Easter Sunrise Service at Killington Peak Lodge. This event is free for all attendees up to 275 people. The service starts early in the morning at 6:30 AM before a community breakfast is available, also for free. Of course, the weather in Killington can always change, so make sure to keep an eye out for any possible storms; the event will be moved to the Killington Grand Hotel Ballroom if rain is in the forecast. Following the Sunrise Service and community breakfast, your children can enjoy a complimentary Easter Egg Hunt for children ages 14 and younger. Expect to find candy in most eggs with a select few even including free lift tickets or a season pass to snowboard for a whole year!

Nor’Beaster Dazed and Confused

While the Easter service is a great way for families with children to enjoy Easter, there is another way that is perfect for groups of adults to enjoy. The Nor’Beaster Dazed and Confused celebration will be taking place on Saturday April 11th. This adults-only event features a variety of entertainment including incredible live music, on-snow demos, and a few soft bumps for the snowboards. Bud Light will be on hand providing attendees with plenty of suds and brews. The Nor’Beaster Dazed and Confused event will take place at Bear Mountain Base Area from 12:00 PM to 6:00PM on April 11th. This event’s lineup will be announced at a later date.

Easter 2020 in Killington

There is much more waiting for you in Killington to help you celebrate the Easter holiday. Easter is not the busiest travel weekend, so be sure to take advantage of the lower prices in the area. Be sure to reserve one of our finest vacation rentals with luxury amenities; you can find them located all around the city.We offer an impressive array of vacation rentals, from comfortable two-bedroom apartments to large mountain homes with private hot tubs and spectacular views. Call our travel agents today and see which of our rentals will be available for your stay in Killington.

The stress of traveling somewhere new can be high, as you may be unsure of what exactly you have to bring with you for your journey. The temptation can be to overpack, bringing tons of extra things—just in case! You won’t have to worry about packing a large bag for your adventures to Killington, however, as our vacation rentals make it extremely easy to pack light. Check out some of these incredible Killington travel tips on how you can pack light for your trip to Vermont:

Prepare Meals at the Rental

There is no need to bring food or utensils from home as our vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens. This means each kitchen has all the utensils and cookware you need to create a feast for dinner. Additionally, you will have needed appliances like fridges, ovens, microwaves, and more to cook and store your food. Of course, you can also choose to eat out at our local restaurants; you’ll appreciate having a microwave to heat up leftovers late at night!

Leave the Ski Gear at Home

Killington is known for some incredible skiing during the winter season each year. While many locals bring their ski gear to the mountain, it can be very hard to do so for travelers. Instead, leave your ski gear at home and check out the local gear shops. They will offer gear available by the hour and day, letting you plan out how long you need it for. Better yet, make sure you check out the skiing lessons also available at the shops so you can look great while showing off that gear!

Washing Clothes is a Necessity

Since you can leave your ski gear at home, all you really need to bring is clothing to keep you warm during the winter (or cool during the summer). In order to stay warm, you probably need a few layers and a heavy coat; this can all add up in pounds sitting in your luggage. Instead of bringing multiple outfits for skiing, just focus on one that can keep you warm as you carve down the mountain. The washing and drying machines at each vacation rental can let you clean up your clothing after each successful trip down the mountain.

Your Bag is Ready with These Killington Travel Tips

Now that your bag is packed (while still feeling light), you can start planning for your next trip to Killington. Take a look at our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Contact us. We can find you the perfect property that has everything you need on hand!

If you are looking for an ideal destination where you can make the most of traveling on your own, look no further than Killington. Our Vermont town has an incredible number of activities in Killington that will keep you busy throughout your trip. Take a look at what your solo trip to Killington will look like:

Plenty to Ski and Board

One of the biggest draws to Killington is the mountain. We have incredible skiing conditions during many months of the year. In fact, most of the locals would agree that Killington offers the best skiing in the whole state. Skiing on your own is even easier than when you are traveling with family or a group. You do not have to worry about waiting on others who may be too slow or fast when going down the mountain. Killington offers plenty of trails of all difficulty levels for you to try out. If you are new to skiing or snowboarding, you can even take a few lessons to have you going in no time. All the necessary gear can be rented, letting you pack light.

Try Out the Local Breweries

If you are a craft beer fan, you will love the local craft brewery scene. Vermonters love their beer too and have several craft breweries in town. Try out Killington Beer Company for all kinds of ales. Long Trail Brewing Company is just outside of town and is east of Killington Peak. Rutland Beer Works can be found to the West of Killington Peak and offers just as many delicious brews. Most of these places also sell beer to go so you can bring some back to your vacation rental.

Hike and Bike

Another exciting activity to do on your own during the warmer months of the year is try out the local trails. When the snow melts away, you can find exciting trails to hike or bike. Once again, local shops offer rental gear, including bikes, to help you navigate the terrain.

Get Out and Explore Activities in Killington

These are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy on your own when in Killington. Check out our vacation rentals that will keep you close to all the fun, we offer an impressive array of vacation rentals, from comfortable apartments to large mountain homes. Call today and we will set you up with the perfect sized rental for a solo traveler.

Love is in the air when you spend your Valentine’s Day holiday in Killington. There are plenty of romantic activities that will show your loved one how much you enjoy spending time with them. Here are some ways to plan for romantic getaway vacations in Killington for Valentine’s Day:

Thundering Falls Trail

One of the best ways to show your loved one a romantic and thrilling activity is taking a hike up to Thundering Falls Trail. This local trail is one of the most popular trails in the area and for good reason. A short and easy hike takes you up to the actual falls. While Thundering Falls is nowhere as big as Niagara Falls, it is still a beautiful sight to behold. Expect to take plenty of pictures with your significant other with the falls in the backdrop. The temperature will still be very chilly around Valentine’s with plenty of snow on the ground; make sure you dress for the hike.

Candlelit Dinner for Valentine’s

You have plenty of options to choose from when finding the perfect host for Valentine’s dinner. Many local restaurants have a romantic interior and feature delicious food. Reserve your meal at Wobbly Barn, a fine dining establishment that focuses on made to order steaks. Another popular restaurant that is chosen for Valentine’s dinner is The Foundry at Summit Pond. While this restaurant is a part of Killington Resort, you do not have to be a guest to enjoy a meal there. Both restaurants are very popular, so make sure to place your reservation in advance to secure a table on Valentine’s Day.

Go Snowmobiling

While snowmobiling may not sound like the most romantic activity at first, it has plenty of potential. There is nothing that will bring two loved ones closer together than exploring somewhere new with each other. Let Snowmobiling Vermont take you to all the must-see areas surrounding Killington. You can find a little spot to call your own and remember your trip by.

Get Ready for Your Romantic Getaway Vacations in Killington

These are just a few of the romantic activities waiting for you in Killington. Get ready for your romantic excursion by reserving one of our vacation properties in the area, we offer an impressive array of vacation rentals, from comfortable two-bedroom apartments to large mountain homes. You will have an entire home all to you and your significant other for a truly romantic stay.

Do not blow your entire vacation budget by eating out every night during your Killington getaway. Our vacation rentals come equipped with all the necessary appliances and utensils to cook up a feast. Of course, you do not want to spend every waking minute in the kitchen either. Here are some quick and easy recipes that everyone will love for dinner on your Killington getaway:


If there is one easy dish that will fill everyone up, it has to be pasta. This family favorite can be cooked up in less than 15 minutes and provides more than enough food for everyone. All you need for a simple pasta dish is your favorite pasta variety, sauce to go with it, cheese, and any other toppings you think the family will enjoy. Our vacation rentals will have pots for the pasta and pans for the sauce. Cook up your favorite protein with the sauce for an even more filling dish. Sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on top and you have a tasty meal ready to go!


If you want to keep things light on the carbs, look no further than a salad. This easy dish can feature all of your favorite leafy greens, vegetables, and a protein for an overall healthy meal. Mix everything up in a large bowl that can be used to serve everyone. Pre-packaged salad mixes at the store make it even easier to prepare, along with precooked protein like chicken. Of course, no salad is complete without your favorite dressing on top like ranch, Caesar, or even balsamic vinaigrette.

Make Your Own Pizza

For an entertaining dinner option that the kids will love, let them prepare their own personal pizzas. Grocery stores offer premade pizza dough that you can swirl sauce onto, then top off with your favorite vegetables and meats. Bake each pizza to perfection in your vacation rental’s oven.

Where to Find the Food

Killington offers several grocery options for your ingredients. Killington Market is a superb mini grocery store which can be found at 2020 Killington Road. Deli and Killington Corners is a local favorite found just off 2068 US-4.

Time for Your Killington Getaway

Making dinner in your vacation rental is just one of the many ways to enjoy your Killington getaway. Call today to see which vacation rental will be available for your next stay!

We are gearing up for another exciting year of travel in Killington, Vermont. If you have not visited us before, you may be unfamiliar with the beautiful terrain, friendly locals, and all the Killington, Vermont attractions that make Killington special. Start your new year off right with an adventure to Killington. Here is how you can enjoy that first trip to Killington:

Ski Killington Mountain

Killington Mountain is the biggest and most popular draw that brings in thousands of tourists each year. This beautiful mountain features the ideal winter sport conditions with fluffy snow and perfectly maintained trails. If you have not skied down Killington Mountain, you are in for a treat! Get comfortable on the bunny slopes before you take on the more difficult black diamond slopes. Newcomers can get comfortable on a board or skis by taking an introductory lesson. You can also grab all of your gear right on the mountain with rental shops that offer top of the line rentals and gear to purchase. Come see why thousands of people spend their first trip of the year on the mountain!

Killington Adventure Center

For outdoor attraction fun, make your way over to Killington Adventure Center. This all-ages venue features incredible rides and attractions that everyone can enjoy. The Adventure Center includes activities such as a rope course, zip line course, roller coaster, rock climbing, and more. Some activities may not be available depending how early in the spring you make your trip. You only have to pay for the rides you go on. Make sure you do not miss out on the Killington Adventure Center.

Snowmobile Tours

Get out and explore the surrounding Killington area with a thrilling snowmobile tour. Snowmobile Vermont offers engaging tours that include all of the necessities such as helmets, boots, and of course the snowmobiles. Even you make the trip later in the spring when there is no more snow, do not fret, as this tour company also offers exciting ATV tours. Either way, you will be seeing all the best parts of Killington from the safety of a powered vehicle!

A Trip to Killington to Start Off Your Year

Regardless of when you make your first trip of the year, make sure you come to Killington. We offer something for everyone to enjoy in our Vermont town. Contact us and check out our privately owned vacation rentals that make it easy and comfortable to enjoy your stay. Book your trip to Killington today!

A new year is almost here, and that means it’s time for another exciting adventure to Killington, Vermont! Our hometown features many incredible events and activities that are perfect for individuals of all ages. Take a look below at what to do for your next Killington New Year’s Eve trip:

Killington New Year’s Eve with Never in Vegas

While Killington may not be best known for its club scene, there are plenty of late-night venues offering live music and drinks. Pickle Barrel Nightclub will be offering a thrilling New Year’s Eve party for adults to enjoy. Expect to find plenty of drink specials and live music performances from Never in Vegas and many more exciting artists. Tickets are on sale now for this adults-only event.

Killington New Year’s Eve Party with JJ Rupp

Another enjoyable evening of performances can be found at the Wobbly Barn right in Killington. This Vermont venue will be hosting the JJ Rupp Band, which continues to have a strong following thanks to their grassroots and thrilling rock & roll performances. Expect to find the top cover songs with a John Rupp twist to them. Tickets start at $70 per person (does not include entrance to the onsite restaurant). Come check out the JJ Rupp Band this upcoming New Year’s Eve!

Hit the Killington Ski Trails

There is plenty of fun to be had on the slopes of Killington Mountain, which offers the best winter sports conditions in the entire state. Killington is home to many winter sports events throughout the winter season. See what the fuss is all about by spending a day (or a few!) on the slopes of Killington Mountain. Ski runs vary from easy bunny slopes to the more difficult black diamond runs. Do not fret if you do not have any gear of your own, as local shops are on hand to rent you the best gear available. Lessons are also provided every day to help you perfect your skills.

Killington Done Right

There is nothing more special than spending the New Year’s holiday with your family in an incredible destination like Killington. Our vacation rentals are perfect place to help you stay warm on a cool New Year’s Eve night with amenities such as thick blankets, fireplaces and more. Call today and see which rental will be available for your Killington New Year’s Eve!

Have you been looking for the prime winter sports destination in all of the New England area? Or are you simply looking to escape the drag back home and kick back in a country cabin? If you are looking for either of these, Killington, Vermont is your top winter destination! There is something for everyone in Killington. Here is what makes Killington one of the top destinations for Vermont holidays this year:

Check Out Killington Mountain

The biggest attraction in Killington is Killington Mountain, the home of the best winter sports conditions in all of New England. This popular peak features thrilling skiing and snowboarding trails—everything from simple bunny slopes to daring black diamonds. Do not worry if you have never skied before as local rental shops provide lessons to help you get started. Our vacation rentals allow you to stay close to the mountain while avoiding the busy resorts in the area. Enjoy our amenities without the loud noises of neighbors who are just feet away from your room.

Holiday Events Just Down the Street

You will not be missing out on your favorite holiday traditions when you vacation to Killington. Our lovely town offers various family friendly events to help you bring in the holidays. Wassail Weekend takes place in neighboring Woodstock and features Christmas caroling and so much more.

Keep Warm with Local Beer During Vermont Holidays

The adults can celebrate Vermont holidays at one of the many award-winning breweries found in the area. Popular brewery Alchemist Beer continues to put out some of the best craft beer in New England. Check out this popular taproom when looking to keep warm this winter. Other local taprooms feature incredible food and other Vermont-made craft beers that are worth checking out as well.

Warm Up at the Spa

Settle down and relax at one of the many local spas in town. Kick back with a relaxing massage, facial, or body treatment. Our vacation rentals are just a short drive from places such as Spa at the Woods, Pinnacle Spa & Lounge, and more.

More to Enjoy in Killington

You just cannot find a more inviting holiday vacation than what Killington can offer you this winter. Explore our exclusive listings of vacation rental properties in the area today. Each property offers everything you expect from big local resorts, all without the crowds. Contact our vacation experts today and find the perfect rental for your family this holiday season.

Thousands of visitors come to Killington each year to visit the incredibly scenic areas we have. There is no better city in Vermont to see everything from rich forests to thundering waterfalls and flowing rivers. Let us help you find where to catch all the best sights. Here are the best scenic Killington attractions you need to check out:

Thundering Brook Falls

One of the most popular sights for any hike is coming across a running waterfall. Thundering Brook Falls is our local waterfall in the area and is frequently visited throughout the year. The waterfall can best be accessed through the Thunder Brook Falls Trail, a 0.4-mile hike located just outside of the city. Most individuals come to the trail for great hiking and biking but also bird watching and sightseeing. Even feel free to bring your dogs along for a light hike to keep them active. Thundering Brook Falls Trail can be found at 2295 River Rd.

Gifford Woods State Park

Pico Peak is another incredible scenic area that is popular with both locals and tourists. You can catch all the best sights by visiting the base of the peak at Gifford Woods State Park. This popular park has been in operation since 1931 and is part of the famed Appalachian Trail. In between sightseeing, guests can enjoy a variety of trails, picnics, camping, and other activities. We recommend a relaxing day hanging out by the lake. You can find Gifford Woods State Park at 34 Gifford Woods Rd. just west of Killington.

Killington Adventure Center

Plan an incredible day of outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful scenery at the Killington Adventure Center. The Zip Line Racer is a great way to hang high up in the air and see the sights while being shot off along a rope line. Or take on the Skye Ropes Course as you climb across swinging bridges and other rope activities. The Killington Adventure Center can be found at 3861 Killington Rd just south of the city.

Experience the Most Incredible Killington Attractions

We cannot rave enough about how beautiful Killington is throughout the year. Come see the natural beauty for yourself with an exciting stay in our vacation rentals. Call today and see which rental will be the perfect fit your next adventure in Killington!

Unfamiliar vacationers might think that Killington, Vermont will be too cold for an adventurous Thanksgiving getaway this fall season. What they do not know is that this season is when Killington becomes the top vacation destination in all of Vermont! Here is how to celebrate a Killington Thanksgiving:

Get to Skiing

The most popular pastime in Killington during winter is skiing (or snowboarding). The skiing conditions in Killington are second to none, and the mountain is scheduled to open up in mid-October this year. Killington Mountain is found right in town and is where the majority of the trails can be accessed. Local ski resorts will help you up the mountain with lift passes to all trails in the area. Try your hand at the bunny slopes that are perfect for beginners or challenge the black diamond slopes that are designed for experienced riders. Skiing is a serious activity in Killington, so come see what the fuss is all about this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in Killington Audi FIS Ski World Cup

Each year Killington hosts the annual Audi FIS Ski World Cup to get the ski season started. This yearly event is the perfect way to see the professionals up close and personal as they take on the ever popular trails in Killington. The event is always free for attendees to join in on the fun. This year’s event will be taking place on November 29th, making it a perfect event for any late vacationers over the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Cook Up Your Own Meal

Our Killington rentals make it easy to cook up your own Killington Thanksgiving feast from the comfort of your very own vacation rental. Each vacation rental features luxury amenities that will make it easy to spend time indoors and not worry about ordering out. The full kitchen means you’ll be able to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey and all the side dishes your family loves. The open floor plans let family members hang out together under one roof instead of being separated. After your meal, relax together in front of a cozy fireplace. Thanksgiving is always enjoyed best when we have loved ones surrounding us!

More to Killington

These are a few of the exciting Killington activities you can enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday with us. The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to visit before the crowds of the winter season arrive!  Contact our rental experts today and see which vacation rental will be available for your stay.

There are many incredible outdoor activities waiting for you in Killington. This vacation destination is one of the top outdoor activity centers in the entire state of Vermont. If you are looking for outdoor Vermont adventures, we’ve outlined a few of our favorite options below which you may want to check out.

Enjoy Vermont Adventures with Appalachian Trail Adventures

Killington has so much to see—why not let a prime tour guide show you the best of it all? Appalachian Trail Adventures is your prime host for all kinds of tours including kayak tours, caving adventures, and even guided hikes. You are able to join a group of adventurers also visiting Killington or create your own guided hike for a private experience. Only the best scenic areas are chosen for your time with Appalachian Trail Adventures, including beautiful waterfalls, mountain vistas, crystal clear lakes, and so much more. The fall season is the perfect season time to join a guided hike as the fall brings about all kinds of color in the local foliage.

Hike Up Sherburne Pass Trail

More adventurous hikers will love the more difficult hike found at Sherburne Pass Trail. This local hike is known for having some incredible views at the summit on clear days. Sherburne Pass Trail takes most experienced hikers approximately an hour, so start your morning with this popular hike before returning to town for some fresh coffee and breakfast.

Explore the Thundering Falls Trail

While Sherburne Pass Trail may be known as a more strenuous hike with an incredible summit view, locals will tell you there is nothing more adventurous than making your way down Thundering Falls Trail. This trail is shorter and not as difficult, making it perfect for families to enjoy together. Once you reach the “thundering falls,” you will be in awe at the rushing water no matter what season it is. The weather in the fall season is perfect, only requiring a light jacket to keep you comfortable throughout the trail.

Your Outdoor Adventure is Ready in Killington

Get ready for these outdoor activities, Vermont adventures, and much more with a vacation getaway to Killington. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable throughout your stay and close to these outdoor activities. Simply give our vacation experts a call today to see which rentals are available for your next stay. Killington is waiting for your next outdoor adventure!

Killington may not be the biggest city in the New England area, but there are plenty of exciting Killington activities and attractions that are only known to the locals. These off the beaten path activities are clear of large groups of tourists and make for quieter moments to enjoy with your family.

Leffert’s Pond

There are several bodies of water you can relax by in Vermont. Leffert’s Pond may be a smaller body of water but it offers all of the exciting activities that come with the bigger lakes. This local pond often draws the attention of local wildlife looking to get a drink of water during the warmer summer days. Several hiking trails wind around the area, letting you explore the cut off wilderness. Finally, visiting anglers can even try their hand at catching one of the many fish that call the pond home. Don’t let Leffert’s Pond size fool you; there’s plenty to do here!

Buttermilk Falls

Most visitors to Killington will make the short journey to the Thundering Falls for incredible sights. A short drive away out of town you can see Buttermilk Falls, which offers a quieter moment for you to take in. The falls collect into a natural pool at the bottom, giving life to the surrounding forest. While the Buttermilk Falls may not be as big as the Thundering Falls, you will easily have much more space to enjoy around you. Locals claim that Buttermilk Falls is one of the few sites in Vermont that has not been damaged by tourism, so make sure to take care of our hidden locations.

Stop in The Original General Store

If you are in Killington for some incredible skiing during the winter, make sure to stop at The Original General Store for an early breakfast and goods to take home. This area is home to many historic sites, including F.H. Gilingham & Sons General Store, which has been operating since 1886. Quaint shops such as this are a great way to see how the rich history of Killington continues to this day.

More to Do in Killington

Finding these off the beaten path activities in Killington will make your Vermont vacation getaway even better. Plan for the best vacation possible by choosing our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Luxury amenities await you and your family in each special property. Call today and see which rentals we have available for your next stay in Killington!