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Not every vacation calls for an expansive home with multiple floors and bedrooms. Every vacation can look different, and that includes times where you expect to spend more of your getaway outdoors. If that sounds like your kind of vacation, you may be looking for a vacation rental just like our Skyfall property. While this chalet might be lacking in size, it does not lack for comfort and features. Skyfall is a unique Vermont vacation property located at the heart of Lake St. Catherine and is perfect for those who wish to take advantage of all the surrounding beauty and wilderness. Take a look at what a stay at this favorite property can look like:

Outdoor Living

As mentioned, Skyfall is perfect for those who love the outdoors and plan to spend as much time enjoying it as possible. Skyfall will help you get away from the big city and enjoy the serenity of time out in the forest. It will be readily apparent the second you pull up to Skyfall. This rustic home features lovely shades of rustic barn red and black highlight beams. The property has plenty of space to set up all around the unit. You will be nearby Lake St. Catherine, where all kinds of aquatic activities can be accessed.

Cozy Interior

Just because Skyfall is small on square footage does not mean you will not find it to be cozy. Skyfall is a warm and inviting home that will have you smiling every day during your stay. The chalet combines every room into an open concept to take advantage of every square inch of space. As you walk inside the property, you will find yourself in the kitchen and dining room area. The kitchenette will be off to the right, where you will find plenty of countertop space to work with. The room is complete with a refrigerator, microwave, and electric stove top, allowing you to prepare a quick meal with ease. There is plenty of sink space, making it easy to clean up afterwards. Comfortably sit down for your meal at the cozy dining room table adjacent to the kitchenette. The remainder of the primary floor is complete with a plush size mattress pointed towards the large flat screen TV. A propane gas stove can be found in the corner that will easily heat up the home during the colder months of the year. Lean back on the comfortable recliner chair as you soak up the heat and find the ideal spot for a quick nap. A roomy half size bathroom can also be found just around the corner that comes with a utility closet.

Second Level Loft

The rest of Skyfall can be found on the second floor where you will find a cozy loft. The room features a plush fold out sofa sleeper that has enough room for two. This allows Skyfall to comfortably sleep up to four individuals at any given time during your stay. The full-size bathroom can also be found on the second floor that features a shower stall to easily wash away the day. It is impossible to estimate just how much space you will have inside Skyfall when looking at the property from the outside!

Private Backyard and Features

As mentioned, Skyfall features plenty of outdoor space you will want to take advantage of during your stay in the area. You will find a 12×24 patio deck on the first floor with a rustic awning that overlooks the rest of the property. Spend some time in the evening huddled around the fire pit for a romantic time looking at the stars or simply to keep warm. You can even catch a small glimpse of Lake St. Catherine directly from the property. The rest of the lake is just a short walk away that will bring you to the property’s dock. Here will you be able to access the lake from a short channel, the perfect spot to launch your kayak or canoe. Lake St. Catherine does not have lifeguards in the area, so swimming or boating in the lake is done at the renter’s primary responsibility. If you wish to spend some time at a state-run beach with lifeguards on duty, simply take a 5-minute drive up the road from Skyfall.

Killington Is Waiting

As you can see, Skyfall is one of our more unique properties exclusive to our selection of vacation rentals. Disconnect from the world and enjoy the wonders of nature. Book this highly desirable property today!

It is truly no surprise that Vermont is ranked as one of the top places in which to live, work and vacation. From its breathtaking landscape to its different seasons, Vermont is great anytime of the year. Whether you are planning a ski trip for December or a last minute summer weekend escape, GetAway Vacations wants you to have the best possible memories from your trip. Planning a smooth and fun vacation can be difficult. Here are just a few tips for you to use in order to plan a great Vermont weekend getaway.

1. Wine and Dine

There is really nothing more important than having your meals planned for a vacation. It is hard making a set list of exactly where you want to eat, but having a list of options makes finding a place when you are hungry a little easier. We suggest you make a list of breakfast, lunch, coffee, and dinner options; then you are ready for those moments when you are starving and need something to eat pronto.

2. Things To Do

Typically when we say getaway, we mean we want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and escape to a peaceful place. Vermont offers numerous places nestled off the beaten path, perfect for those wishing for some quite. It is nice, however, to have a few things to do when you are away from home. Vermont offers an abundance of opportunities for activities, from hiking to golfing. The state offers numerous lakes to lie by or swim in. Pack your bags for anything! You don’t want to miss out on all that the state has! Check out Vermont’s Calendar of events to see what’s happening while you are in the area.

3. Cities and Regions

Narrowing down which city or region you want to explore helps in planning your trip. Vermont has 251 unique cities and towns, including urban Burlington, valley gems Manchester, Killington and Rutland, and the iconic New England town of Woodstock. The cities are spread out between 11 regions. Choosing which area you want to stay in makes planning activities to do and where to stay easy!

4. Vacation Guide and Places to Stay During Your Vermont Weekend Getaway

Your trip to Killington isn’t complete without having the perfect place to stay! Finding the best deal and a nice place in which to relax for your many Vermont weekend getaways can be difficult; GetAway Vacations has plenty of fantastic rentals from which to choose, allowing you to find one that fits your needs. We’ve also put together a wonderful Vacation Guide full of tips and resources to help familiarize you with the area. This guide should definitely prove useful when you are planning what to do on your next trip to Vermont. We, here at Getaway, hope that this short-list of tips helps you in planning your vacation! Don’t hesitate to call if you need any help. Don’t waste any time! Click here to start planning your Vermont weekend getaway!


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