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Top Reasons to Visit Killington in the Spring

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The Vermont spring in Killington brings clear skies, brighter colors, tons more outdoor recreation opportunities and softer snow, is the ideal time to plan a romantic getaway to town.

For the Corn Snow

Winter brings the powder snow, but spring brings another Holy Grail for the skiing season: corn snow. As the warmer weather alternates snow between freezing and thawing, large grains of snow freeze together overnight and then loosen in the sun. This yields soft and forgiving snow that’s not too wet or too slushy. Just how we like it.

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For the Extra Sports

We love that spring in Killington means that you have as many opportunities to ski and snowboard as you to have to hike, run, mountain bike and fish. There’s still great snow on the mountain, but at lower elevations, a whole new world opens up to you. Take time to stroll through the Gifford Woods State Park, fish Kent Pond and take a leisurely ride along one of Vermont’s scenic byways. Check out the Killington-Pico Cycling Club for tips on where to ride.

For the Seasonal Foods When You Visit Killington

Spring in Vermont yields a bounty of fresh vegetables, fruits, honey and fish. The Rutland Farmers Market, which claims to be the oldest market in the state, opens its stalls in May. Strolling the aisles of this farmers market is a great way to get acquainted with Vermont cuisine and discover new, local foods. You’ll find jams, jellies, beef, eggs, cheese, baked goods and more here when you visit Killington.

For the Maple Syrup

You can’t come to Killington without tasting the most Vermont of all foods: fresh maple syrup. The state’s more than 1,500 sugarhouses produce close to half of all of America’s maple syrup. Vermont celebrates this national treasure in the spring. The Vermont Maple Festival is in April 2019, and the Maple House Open Weekend is in March 2019. Visit in the spring, and you’ll get your chance to tour sugarhomes and taste delicious creations made from fresh maple syrup. Learn more about Vermont maple syrup and related events here.

Start Planning Your Vermont Spring Trip Today!

There’s so much to see, do and taste in the Vermont spring here in beautiful Killington. Call us or visit our website today to find your springtime getaway and other beautiful rentals!