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Sushi Yoshi

Situated down the road from Killington Resort, Sushi Yoshi has a warm yet sleek ambiance and a well-executed menu that emphasizes flavorful sushi and other Asian cuisine. Find out more about what makes Sushi Yoshi such a wonderful spot to visit in Killington down below!

Authentic Asian Cuisine in Millington With Sushi Yoshi

Sushi Yoshi serves up lunch and dinner in the Chinese and Japanese traditions just minutes away from Killington Resort. Here, you and your guests can dine on a fabulous gourmet hibachi steakhouse menu, from freshly prepared sushi to classic Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Start off with a cup of miso, egg drop, hot and sour, or wonton soup to warm your bones, or a refreshing octopus or spicy seaweed salad. Chinese-style appetizers include gourmet egg rolls and spring rolls, cold sesame noodles, pork dumplings, teriyaki beef sticks, and crab rangoons. Japanese appetizers range from edamame and ebi sjumai shrimp dumplings to tempura-battered shrimp and vegetables and negimayaki, thin slices of beef wrapped around scallions and broiled in a house made teriyaki sauce.

From there, you can order just about any Chinese or Japanese dish you’ve ever heard of: moo shu, steamed tofu, fried rice, lo mein, hibachi specialties, sushi, and sashimi in dozens of varieties, paired with proteins such as chicken, salmon, tofu, beef, shrimp, pork, and a rotating selection of fresh fish. Sushi in Vermont has something for everyone!

If you and your guests are interested in Hibachi-style dining—similar to teppanyaki, where each table has a hotplate and talented chefs cook your meals in front of you with theatrical cooking techniques like lighting things on fire and flipping their utensils in the air—you’ll need to make reservations ahead of time to ensure your spot.

The restaurant is open on Tuesday through Sunday during the summer season, opening at 11:30am each day and closing at 10:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant is open until 11:00pm.

Sushi Yoshi is located at 1807 Killington Rd., Killington, VT 05751. The restaurant can also be reached by phone at (802) 422-4241, or by email at mail@vermontsushi.com.

Sushi In Vermont

Our reservation specialists have more information to share with you on Sushi Yoshi and other one-of-a-kind places to check out during your time in Killington when you call or email us about booking your lodgings in one of our gorgeous 4 bedroom vacation rentals today!