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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

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Coming to Maine is a lighthouse lover’s dream. The state has no shortage of them! Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol is no exception. This historic lighthouse is situated on the coast of Maine and offers scenic views of the Maine coastline. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is nestled atop a rocky point overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and showcases stunning views of the ocean and rugged landscapes.

About this Lighthouse in Maine

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was first built in 1827. Due to poor construction, it needed a new tower which was installed in 1835. It currently has a white pyramidal tower and stands tall at 38 feet! The lighthouse continues to be in operation and actively assists the coast guard today in guiding ships.

To learn more about the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, stop by the learning center, art gallery and fisherman’s museum! Here you’ll find exhibits about the history of the lighthouse while learning about the people who have worked there over the years. Explore the museum’s collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents that shine a light into the daily life of the lighthouse keepers and their families.

Be sure to climb the tower at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. Once you reach the top, gaze out onto miles and miles of ocean to the horizon. Walk along the rocks and check out the tidal pools. Just be careful and monitor the tides and waves. The rock formations along the park are truly amazing. Due to erosion, the water has crafted these large rocks to make it appear like they’re flowing downward to the ocean.

The park surrounding the lighthouse features Adirondack chairs and picnic tables, perfect for gathering with family and friends for a picnic by the ocean. Bring your lunch and snacks and come enjoy dining in the sunshine and sea breezes. If you’re an artist or photographer, be sure to bring the tools of your craft with you. Settle in at any of the benches or tables to sketch or paint this picturesque lighthouse. Snap a photo to capture the beauty of the lighthouse on film. Feel inspired and at peace as you listen to the quietness that’s only interrupted by the sounds of the waves and the sea birds soaring above.

Plan Your Maine Vacation

Whether you are a history buff, a lighthouse lover, or just someone who enjoys a peaceful walk along the beach: a trip to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is sure to be a memorable experience. Come experience Maine’s maritime heritage, while also enjoying the natural beauty of the coast.