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Reporting Transparency for Your Killington Slopeside Rentals and More!

HomeProperty Management Killington RegionReporting Transparency for Your Killington Slopeside Rentals and More!

Allowing someone to rent out your home or property during the months you are away can be a scary thing at first. Many of our homeowners join GetAway Vacations to generate some extra income during the months they are not staying in their home. Like with any possible income generation, there can be profits and losses depending on how your Killington Slopeside Rentals property is managed. With GetAway Vacations, you will be given reporting transparency so you are aware what is happening with your potential bookings at all times. Whether it is through the online portal, smartphone app, or here at our physical office, we are available to help you. Here is how we handle reporting transparency at GetAway Vacations:

Internet Portal

Everything is easier if done on the internet. At GetAway Vacations, we make it easy for homeowners to log-in to our internet portal and see everything at once. From our internet portal, you can access profit and loss statements, block out owner dates, see your Killington Ski Resort Lodging ‘s past and future bookings, and many more features. There is so much you can do for you Killington Ski Resort Lodging right from the comfort of your computer!

Smartphone App

Many of today’s online features can now be accessed from a smartphone, including our internet portal. Everything you can access from a computer can be accessed straight from your phone. Now there is no need to purchase another computer if all you own is a desktop! You can easily download our smartphone app from the iOS or Google app stores straight from your phone. If you have any difficulty setting it up, please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by our office in Killington.

Local Office

Of course, if you ever have any questions and would rather ask them in person, please do not hesitate to stop by our local office in Killington to meet with our team or just to have a cup of coffee. We will not be some anonymous people behind a phone; we are always happy to directly meet with our clients.

Choosing GetAway Vacations to Manage Your Killington Slopeside Rentals

Now is the time to let GetAway Vacations help you generate extra income by lending your home for future vacation rentals. We handle the hard aspects of renting, so you can sit back and relax. Contact us with any questions you may have on using your home as a possible vacation rental this season.