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Killington Vacation Packages

Amazing Vacation Packages For Your Next Trip To Vermont


GetAway Vacations and Killington Mountain Guides 


GetAway Vacations offers a variety of Killington vacation packages for all seasonal stays. Utilize our ski vacation packages in Killington for the colder months, or our wonderfully sunny Killington summer vacation packages when visiting Vermont in the warmer months. Please call us at (802) 438-8077  for more information on our Killington, Vermont vacation packages. Click below to learn more, or click here to see our other Killington VT Rentals!

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Please Call (802) 746-8044 to secure your activity spot.


Hiking the Green Mountains


KMG is nestled in the Green Mountain National Forest where we have access to hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Hire a KMG guide for the day and we can take you on a great day hike. When hiring a KMG guide you have the reassurance of well trained guide who is experienced in wilderness first response and wilderness skills and techniques. You will learn how to pack a backpack properly, what to wear, and some basic land navigation. Our hikes generally last 1-4 hours or longer depending on your enthusiasm. Call us for more information at 802-438-8077

Rates:Easy to Moderate Hikes lasting 1 to 2+ hours

Cost: $75.00/person
additional person(s): $25.00 each
Maximum 8 people/guide

Moderate to Difficult Half-Day Hikes lasting 4+ hours

Cost: $125.00/person
additional person(s): $25.00 each
Maximum 8 people/guide

Rock Climbing – Deer Leap


Join Killington Mountain Guides for a day of rock climbing!” Towering over the road below, Deep Leap has attracted climbers for over 65 years. This cliff’s first route was likely Arni Kirbach Carl Acker’s ascent of Center Crack 5.7 in 1946. For its time, the route was about as hard as anything that had been climbed in the northeast. During the ascent, a crowd gathered at the inn below to watch the spectacle. Spectators were given quite a show as Kirbach reportedly took a ten-footer onto a piton then, after gathering his wits, continued on to the trees with cheers and car horns tooting from below.” Today, Deer Leap continues to entertain with an excellent variety of trad and top-rope climbs on high-quality green schist.”- Guide Book Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont -Travis Peckham


Full Day:                                                               Half Day:

Duration: 8 hours                                                                    Duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult                                           Difficulty: Easy to Difficult

Private/1person: $250.00                                                      Private/1 person: $150.00

Group of 2: $400.00                                                              Group of 2 to 4: $120.00

Group of 3: $480.00

Group of 4: $540.00


*Price includes all equipment and are subject to change, pricing not guaranteed*