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Appalachian Trail

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Killington, Vermont is an amazing place for outdoor recreation, especially when it comes to hiking. There are numerous trails that offer everything you could want from a hike, whether you want to get a good sweat going or you just want to have a casual walk through some beautiful areas. The Appalachian Trail is one of the most popular of these hikes because it provides so many opportunities in one trail.

Hiking The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is about 15.6 miles long, taking hikers from Killington to Prosper or vice versa. It is a moderate trail that can provide a good workout during your time in Killington. There are sections of easy walking and some sections of steep grade. The trail is very well-trafficked, so it is very easy to follow, and the dirt is packed well.

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Doing the entire hike is a very big commitment, especially because you will have to track back all the ground that you cover. For this reason, many people just enjoy certain sections. The setting for this hike is about as beautiful as you can find, with very thick forest and incredible views along certain sections of the hike. Along the way you can find beautiful views of towering mountain ranges, sweeping valleys, and beautiful creeks. If you opt for a shorter hike, this trail provides the perfect opportunity for bringing your own lunch and enjoying it with friends and family under some shade in a beautiful area.

March through September is the best time to take advantage of this trail, but you can always find a good time here. The trail begins in Killington on the east side of River Road about a mile north of its intersection of Route 4. Enjoying this trail in any capacity will provide for some fulfilling time spent in this majestic wilderness. If you are planning a getaway or a corporate retreat to Killington, then check out our vacation rentals. Contact us and book your stay in Killington find out why hiking the Appalachian Trail is a fan favorite!

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