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Deer Leep Trail

When you are deciding where to hike in the Killington, Vermont area, there are virtually no bad decisions. Each trail here provides something unique, but it is sure to be absolutely beautiful. Deer Leep Trail is one of those trails that provides hikers with a little bit of exercise and some of the most breathtaking sights you will ever encounter. Learn about the Deer Leap Trail below:

Deer Leap Trail VT

This moderate hike is just under a mile, with a relatively mild decent that takes around an hour to traverse. The hike begins along the road but quickly moves into the tranquility of a thick forest. Ascents and descents are very steady, so walking the trail is fun and easy. It is a well-traveled trail, so the path is well-packed and pretty easy to follow. And dogs are welcome on a leash!

The hike itself is incredibly enjoyably if you like getting a little sweat going in the cool Vermont air. But the real prize lies at the end of the journey when you reach Rock Cliff Summit. It is the expansive views that make this such a cherry on top of a fun hike. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of Blue Ridge, Pico, and the town of Killington. Regardless of the season, you can count on a beautiful scene up here, but the changing colors of fall definitely provide for the most exquisite of sights. Deer Leap Trail VT is a fan favorite

The trailhead is in between Rutland and Killing along Route 4 at a beautiful place called Sherburne Pass. Visiting this trail provides the opportunity for the perfect amount of exertion, which will leave you feeling fresh and accomplished for the rest of the day, while showing you some of the best sights that this magnificent area has to offer. If you enjoy hiking, make sure you check out one of Killington’s best trails in Deer Leep Trail!

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