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Gifford Woods State Park

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There is a lot to love about Killington, Vermont, but the natural beauty is far and away the best thing about this town. There are few better examples of this unparalleled beauty than at Gifford Woods State Park. What is now the park grew gradually from a small 13-acre plot to the beautiful 285 acres that it comprises today. The effort to preserve this land comes from the realization of the joy that countless people found from the beauty here.

Gifford Woods State Park

A big part of what people enjoy about the park is the incredible vegetation that exists throughout it. Most notably, the park is home to some of the last old-growth hardwood trees in the entire state, along with classic beauties like sugar maple trees, yellow birch, and countless more. Endless wildflowers provide incredible accents to these grandiose trees. The Gifford Woods State Park is a national fan favorite

This place is an absolute haven for those who enjoy hiking. Not only can you enjoy endless beauty throughout the park itself, but it serves as a hub for many of the most popular trails that you can enjoy for miles. These trails include the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail. The beauty of it is you can hike in whatever fashion you would like—whether you want to walk about this beautiful area for a short time and then settle down for some lunch or embark on an epic hike along one of the trails that intersects the park. There is an experience for everyone at the Gifford Woods State Park.

The park is easy to find, as it just north of the intersection of Highway 4 and Route 100, along Route 100. It is the most convenient place to get to, and once you are there, you will have found your new favorite place for hiking and relaxing throughout Killington. Contact us today to book your stay in Killington!

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