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Social Distancing Activities in Killington

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In a world that feels more and more like a George Orwell novel, it’s no wonder we’re all looking for a perfect escape. Our minds and bodies demand it! Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, because Killington, VT, has fantastic social distancing activities and everything you need to create the perfect setting for the next chapter in your life. This chapter is titled, “Peace and Joy in Turbulent Times.” You’re the main character and we promise your readers will get bored seeing how blissfully quiet and content your life feels during your mountain retreat.

Choose a Picturesque Setting with Built-In Entertainment

With vacation rentals of all shapes, sizes, and locations, you can choose the perfect getaway for you and group. Whether you’re looking for a central location or something more remote, each rental comes fully equipped to ensure you have everything you need to social distancing style. Take advantage of the full dining space by spreading out a 1000-piece puzzle or hosting a game night. Central to the full kitchen space, challenge your guests to a bake-off and see who can do the best job spicing up a package of plain Betty Crocker cookie mix (hint: extra chocolate always gets our vote). Keep a pot of locally roasted coffee brewing and you’ve yourselves got a party!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. With well-appointed bathroom spaces, turn your vacation into a spa retreat for you and your guests. A click of a button will have battery-operated candles, foot-peel masks, and a manicure kit delivered straight to your door. Even the boys will thank you for the extra TLC. At the end of the day, head out to your private outdoor space and give yourself a self-guided astronomy lesson. Escaping the lights of the city will give you a front row seat to the celestial objects hidden within the stars. Spare yourself the kitchen clean up and cook your meals outside – a mountain retreat luxury that’s hard to enjoy in the confines of city living.

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Hiking in Killington, Vermont | Twenty Foot Hole | Sunrise–Bear-Ridge-C4

Be Your Own Protagonist and Antagonist

Challenge yourself with outdoor adventures. With so many outdoor recreation areas to explore, the possibilities are endless. Take on the hobby of bird watching and see how many you can find during your visit, making sure to visit all the different locations and elevations available to you. Invest in a quality compass and map, restoring the lost art of navigation minus the technological advances we’ve come to rely on. Throw on your swimsuit and hike to a favorite swimming hole (Twenty Foot Hole and Buttermilk Falls are two local favorites). Bring a blanket and find a spot under one of Vermont’s famed sugar maple trees to host a picnic with local delicacies (think maple treats and fresh Vermont cheese from the local Green Mountain Sugar House). Or take your picnic game up a notch and stop by Killington Market to grab a selection of local wines to host a private wine tasting at your own preferred destination.

Social Distancing Never Felt So Good

The world calls it social distancing. We call it vacation done right. Contact one of our reservation specialists today and let’s plan your perfect escape!