If you are looking for an ideal destination where you can make the most of traveling on your own, look no further than Killington. Our Vermont town has an incredible number of activities in Killington that will keep you busy throughout your trip. Take a look at what your solo trip to Killington will look like:

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Plenty to Ski and Board

One of the biggest draws to Killington is the mountain. We have incredible skiing conditions during many months of the year. In fact, most of the locals would agree that Killington offers the best skiing in the whole state. Skiing on your own is even easier than when you are traveling with family or a group. You do not have to worry about waiting on others who may be too slow or fast when going down the mountain. Killington offers plenty of trails of all difficulty levels for you to try out. If you are new to skiing or snowboarding, you can even take a few lessons to have you going in no time. All the necessary gear can be rented, letting you pack light.

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Try Out the Local Breweries

If you are a craft beer fan, you will love the local craft brewery scene. Vermonters love their beer too and have several craft breweries in town. Try out Killington Beer Company for all kinds of ales. Long Trail Brewing Company is just outside of town and is east of Killington Peak. Rutland Beer Works can be found to the West of Killington Peak and offers just as many delicious brews. Most of these places also sell beer to go so you can bring some back to your vacation rental.

Hike and Bike

Another exciting activity to do on your own during the warmer months of the year is try out the local trails. When the snow melts away, you can find exciting trails to hike or bike. Once again, local shops offer rental gear, including bikes, to help you navigate the terrain.

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Get Out and Explore Activities in Killington

These are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy on your own when in Killington. Check out our vacation rentals that will keep you close to all the fun, we offer an impressive array of vacation rentals, from comfortable apartments to large mountain homes. Call today and we will set you up with the perfect sized rental for a solo traveler.

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