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Our New Favorite Restaurants in Killington

To truly indulge in the full vacation experience, you need to try the local flavors. Killington offers a number of fantastic restaurants which serve up delicious eats. While we have our classic favorites, we continue to find additional restaurants that are a treat to dine at. Here are some of our newest favorite restaurants in Killington: Check out our Family Vacation Rentals Here! iPie Pizzeria One of the best comfort...

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Trendy Shops & Restaurants to Visit in Killington

Killington, Vermont is a rich city with countless opportunities at every street corner. How will you possibly decide which Killington restaurant to eat at, what to do, and how to fill the day? These are always tough choices when visiting a city, but when it comes to Killington, there are few places you simply cannot afford to miss. Roaring Brooks Umbrella Bar Enjoy the fantastic views this bar has to offer...

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New Year’s in Killington, Vermont

2017 has drawn to a close, and you may find yourself reminiscing about the past 12 months and anticipating the next 12. This past year was a busy one, and now that the holidays are over, you may be feeling tired, overwhelmed, and in need of a good vacation. Well, what better way is there to start the new year than a vacation in a charming and comfortable cottage or...

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7 of the Best Vermont Breweries

Did you know that Vermont has more craft breweries per capita than any other state in the country? For many Vermont residents, beer is more than just a delicious beverage – it’s an art. Attention is paid to every detail of the brewing process, from the ingredients to the bottling process. Whether you’re a connoisseur of craft beer or a casual drinker just looking to cool off, you need to...

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