Vermont is often referred to as the Green Mountain State, and it’s obvious why. The lush green forests and snow-capped peaks make up almost 77% of land in this naturally stunning state. These monstrous beauties are not only dazzling to look at, but they also have an endless amount of activities and attractions for visitors and locals.

Visit the Vermont Mountains

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1. Killington Peak

Sure, we might seem biased, but our thousands of yearly visitors agree; Killington is one of the most spectacular  Vermont mountains. With six peaks and an elevation of over 4,000 feet, Killington is the second largest mountain in the state and offers guests exceptional views and tons of recreational activities. Aside from 73 miles of thrilling ski trails, Killington has an 18-hole championship golf course, mountain biking trails, and hiking trails. Killington also implements energy conservation and clean environment practices that keep the mountain looking gorgeous all year long.

2. Mount Abraham

This mountain, named after Abraham Lincoln, is especially stunning because of its 360-degree views of the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. Mount Abraham has a treeless top that allows for panoramic sights at any time of year. Two different trails to the summit make this mountain a magnet for hikers, so bring your camera and prepare for a crowd!

3. Pico Mountain

She may be small, but she is mighty! Pico Mountain boasts big-mountain skiing with small mountain charm and is a great place for skiers (and anyone else) to get an authentic Vermont experience. Pico has over 57 trails that have the perfect learning terrain for beginners, or a steep drop of 1,967 feet that will impress even the most avid skier. A cozy lodge with delicious dining options and incredible views make this mountain one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire state.

4. Jay Peak

This gigantic mountain is legendary for having the most snow in the entire eastern part of the United States. Jay Peak is located just 5 miles from the U.S./Canada border and is mostly covered by peaceful forest. This gives guests the opportunity to have a unique mountain experience by exploring the backcountry (undeveloped forest that is outside the skiing boundary) and lets them feel one with the Vermont mountain atmosphere. Of course, guests are advised not to venture into this area by themselves and should always practice safety on any mountain.

5. Mount Ascutney

This southern Vermont staple is famous for its granite outcrops, where hang-gliders can be seen putting their adrenaline-junkie skills to the test. Mount Ascutney provides guests with tremendous views from different points along the summit and is even home to Mt. Ascutney State Park. At the park, visitors can hike trails, mountain bike, or simply picnic and enjoy the sights and sounds around them. Be sure to stop at the observation tower to get an awesome view of the gorgeous green mountains while you’re there.

Start Exploring!

Now that you’ve learned about the beautiful Vermont mountains of the Green Mountain State, it’s time to book your trip! Make sure you download our free vacation guide for more ideas on places to go and recreational activities that will make your trip to Vermont the vacation of a lifetime.

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