Innovation is essential for improving efficiency and adding value in the business world. This applies to all industries, including short-term rentals, which are becoming increasingly competitive due to new entrants. Fred Cercena, CEO of GetAway Vacations, provides insights into how innovation transforms the short-term rental landscape. 

Leading the Way 

Fred Cercena’s GetAway Vacations, located in Killington, Vermont, is a property management company that recognizes the importance of innovation in this industry. Cercena’s team comprises forward-thinking individuals who understand the need to improve to meet customers’ increasing expectations. They closely monitor industry trends to stay ahead of the curve and maintain profitability. 

GetAway Vacations distinguishes itself by categorizing properties to match guests and their interests. This allows them to provide specialized homes that cater to diverse guest needs. Moreover, they take a proactive approach to address any issues a rental property may have. GetAway Vacations conducts thorough evaluations and upgrades properties to meet specific quality standards, ensuring they appreciate in value over time. 

Innovation Is Key 

The short-term rental industry is booming, with new players constantly entering the scene. This heightened competition means companies must do more than just the basics to stay relevant. Fred Cercena of GetAway Vacations emphasizes that innovation is the key to survival in this fiercely competitive environment. He highlights that investors entering the short-term rental market must bring fresh ideas to address current industry challenges. It’s a misconception that this market guarantees passive income; in reality, it’s anything but passive. 

Thrive in Short-Term Rentals 

Innovation is the driving force behind success in the short-term rental industry. Fred Cercena and GetAway Vacations are prime examples of how embracing new ideas and constantly improving services can lead to a thriving business. In an industry as competitive as short-term rentals, the future belongs to those who dare to innovate. Contact us today! 

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