Some people dream of beach vacations at Christmas, seeking the serenity of the sea to add to their holiday cheer, while other travelers feel that only a white Christmas will make their holiday dreams come true, and that’s ok; Getaway Vacations, offers proof that you CAN sometimes get what you want, even as your dreams are miles apart, with a Christmas escape to Maine, especially if you have the time to invest! This guide to a magical holiday spent in our favorite towns, York, Ogunquit, and Wells, will give you a vacation you will never forget as it brings families peacefully together and because our Maine properties are only available for the long term in the winter months, you and your family will have all the time in the world to start feeling the Christmas spirit.

Feel Like One of Us!

In a normal vacation, you barely have the time to unpack before it seems it is time to pack up again and head back to real life, but your Christmas escape to Maine and your stay in our Getaway Vacations seasonal sanctuaries will change all that. Winter months are for long-term visitors only, ensuring that you will be here long enough to find a restaurant to call your own, a favorite store, or start a new tradition you will want to return to year after year. Live like a local while exploring the magic of the holidays but be warned; when you do have to fly away back to the real world, you will leave your heart behind in any, or all, of the three towns we have mentioned here!

Seaside Walks at Sunrise

Mornings aren’t always everyone’s favorite thing as they often come far too early but in winter, you get a bit of a break with sunrise offering a much later start, especially on Christmas day, and knowing that your stay of a month or longer will make it easier to rise with the sun. The golden orb of goodness begins its ascent into blue skies between 7 AM and 7:17 AM throughout the month of December, and even your most anxious celebrants will probably still be asleep, making a walk along sandy shores at sunrise a most popular activity. And as the sky comes to life in a fiery display of colors, feeling festive and serene will make this holiday stand out. Bonus feelings come into play if newly fallen snow coats the sandy seascape, adding a dramatic tone to the vision of the Nubble lighthouse standing guard on its island off York Beach.

Ogunquit Christmas by the Sea, December 8-10

Giving the appearance of a winter scene in a snow globe, Ogunquit is a magical town made even more magical with its Christmas by the Sea celebration taking place earlier in the month. Unlike other travelers, you made the smart decision to plan an extended getaway in our winter paradise, ensuring that you have the time to explore every minute of every day of the festival, while still having time left over to examine other holiday options. Walking through the streets of this idyllic town, as colorful twinkle lights are reflected on the white snow, chance encounters with Santa that make you believe again, live concerts with a Christmas slant will make you want to sing along, and a craft show will ensure that the gifts you give will bring a tear of joy to their recipients’ eyes.

38th Annual Wells Christmas Parade, December 10

The best part about making yourself at home in our Getaway Vacations Maine sanctuaries for the long term as opposed to a short in-and-out visit, you learn that you can experience everything these 3 towns have to offer, even if the timelines overlap. For example, December 10 is the last day of Ogunquit Christmas by the Sea but you can start your day out with a parade in Wells, knowing it is just a short drive away. The Annual Wells Christmas Parade offers a small-town charm that adds to its appeal, colorfully decorated floats, marching bands, and locals marching for their favorite groups and causes, will have you cheering. This all-American Christmas parade, of course, will feature the jolly old elf himself as the star of the event bringing joy to your tiniest travelers, and wine tastings will help chilly revelers feel quite warm and toasty.

Gift Giving Made Easy

The languages of love come in many forms, according to a popular book, and if your language is gift-giving, the shops of Maine will ensure that the gifts you give will be unique and well-loved. Handmade gifts from Ocean Fire Pottery, 23 Woodbridge Road in York, anything from the craft show taking place at Christmas by the Sea in Ogunquit, and the charming wares of Bell Farm Shops, 244 US-1 in York, are some examples. The best part of your extended stay, however, will be knowing that you have all the time in the world to get in your Christmas shopping.

Get Away at Christmas with Getaway Vacations

Waking up to a pristine snow-covered landscape can happen anywhere in cold climates, but somehow it will be more special during your extended stay Christmas vacation in Maine. Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today and spend the next month or so getting into the spirit of Christmas, you deserve this time out from real life! Contact us today!

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