Killington, Vermont is one of the most visited hotspots for outdoor activity on the east coast. It is famous for its winter sports opportunities, but it is an incredible place to visit during the summer as well. It is not difficult to find fun and excitement throughout your Killington adventures, but it never hurts to be pointed in the right direction. The following Killington attractions are just a few of the ones you don’t want to miss.

Killington Ski Resort

If you are looking for winter sports on the east coast of the United States, you can find no place better than the Killington Ski Resort. It is one the oldest, largest, and best-suited ski areas in the whole country. The entire area features 200 unique slopes, 31 ski lifts, and over 90 miles of trails. Not only is it big, but it provides plenty of diversity, so there is something for all of the experienced skiers and snowboarders out there, as well as for those who are just taking the sport up for the first time. It is a great place to visit even during the summer when the slopes are closed, as you can still find the best views of the area, hiking, mountain biking, and more.

Pico Mountain

This is another one of the Killington area’s famous ski resorts, but here, we will focus on the opportunities that Pico Mountain brings during the summer. They have everything you need here, from food and entertainment to fitness and recreation. Among some of the more unique opportunities here are the indoor rock climbing experiences, alpine slides, miniature golf, and more. If you are looking to stay fit during your Killington vacation, you can take advantage of a high-quality fitness room at Pico Mountain complete with a sauna for a nice sweat.

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These are just a couple of ideas, and they do not begin to cover the breadth of opportunities and Killington attractions that await you here. When you find great ways to spend your days in Killington, along with a great place to rest in between, you are in for a vacation that you will not soon forget!

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