Thousands of visitors come to Killington each year to visit the incredibly scenic areas we have. There is no better city in Vermont to see everything from rich forests to thundering waterfalls and flowing rivers. Let us help you find where to catch all the best sights. Here are the best scenic Killington attractions you need to check out:

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Thundering Brook Falls

One of the most popular sights for any hike is coming across a running waterfall. Thundering Brook Falls is our local waterfall in the area and is frequently visited throughout the year. The waterfall can best be accessed through the Thunder Brook Falls Trail, a 0.4-mile hike located just outside of the city. Most individuals come to the trail for great hiking and biking but also bird watching and sightseeing. Even feel free to bring your dogs along for a light hike to keep them active. Thundering Brook Falls Trail can be found at 2295 River Rd.

Gifford Woods State Park

Pico Peak is another incredible scenic area that is popular with both locals and tourists. You can catch all the best sights by visiting the base of the peak at Gifford Woods State Park. This popular park has been in operation since 1931 and is part of the famed Appalachian Trail. In between sightseeing, guests can enjoy a variety of trails, picnics, camping, and other activities. We recommend a relaxing day hanging out by the lake. You can find Gifford Woods State Park at 34 Gifford Woods Rd. just west of Killington.

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Killington Adventure Center

Plan an incredible day of outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful scenery at the Killington Adventure Center. The Zip Line Racer is a great way to hang high up in the air and see the sights while being shot off along a rope line. Or take on the Skye Ropes Course as you climb across swinging bridges and other rope activities. The Killington Adventure Center can be found at 3861 Killington Rd just south of the city.

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Experience the Most Incredible Killington Attractions

We cannot rave enough about how beautiful Killington is throughout the year. Come see the natural beauty for yourself with an exciting stay in our vacation rentals. Call today and see which rental will be the perfect fit your next adventure in Killington!

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