Preparing for anything can be a challenge. We all experience the feeling of not being able to finish the project we started! When you are training for the Spartan Beast Vermont, we, here at GetAway Vacations, wish for you to be ready for all the obstacles this race is going to throw your way. Here are just a few things that you should be preparing in order to give your best at the Vermont Spartan Beast.


First thing you should become familiar with is the course layout. Before you start training, you should know what to train for. The course is located in what is known as “Joes’s backyard”. The company was founded on this land, with its muddy waters, massive hills, and steep slopes. This intense setting makes the race a challenge for any skill level, but not unattainable. The Spartan Beast Vermont course is known to destroy the body, mind, legs and soul. The people that founded the race also got on their hands and knees to build it just like you will have to do to complete it. The Spartan Beast obstacle course race includes a 3.5-mile run, 12-mile battlefield of insane mud running, 21-miles of obstacles to test your physical strength and mental resolve; the adult race features one or two water crossings or obstacles on the course that racers must navigate. The Reebok Spartan Beast is considered the most difficult of the three offered. To check out the different obstacles in detail, click here!

Spartan Beast Vermont Schedule

Now that you know all that the course entails, here are a few details about when the race starts and what other festivities the race offers. The race’s starting time is 8:00 A.M. on August 28th. Racers will be waved off by sets of 250 every 15 minutes, to ensure that no one is tripping over each other. Registration for the event closes the Friday before the race; entry fees may vary. The Elite ticket is $190, the morning is $175, and the Afternoon is $110. The Race is located at the Killington Ski Resort! Make sure to bring your ID, waiver, bib number, towel and extra dry clothing, and of course, water!

Experience The Spartan Beast

The best way to prepare for this challenge is to take time to work every area of your body. The area you should focus most on is your core. Build up those muscles to help improve your running speed as well as the ability to scales walls and climb rope. Another thing that should be able to do is run a lengthy distance. This race has competitors running more than they thought they could ever handle. Enter the Spartan Beast Vermont with a buddy to make the training a little more enjoyable and exciting!

So grab your running shoes and start training for the Spartan Beast Vermont! Located within driving distance from this race are many of our vacation rentals! Make sure you have the perfect place to come back to after finishing the course! Let us not only help you prepare for the race, but also help you plan your trip with our Killington vacation guide!


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