Do you wish you could get back to the feeling you had at summer camp as a kid? Where you could step outside in the early morning and smell the dew on the grass as the birds soar above? Where the lake is right there at your disposal for fishing, kayaking, and skipping rocks? Where ghost stories are told around the campfire and everything tastes better with a little bit of coal and dirt on it? Where you lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering how many people have slept here, experiencing the exact same joy you feel in your heart at the moment? Well now you can.

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Lake Life is the Best Life

Kamp Koby is one of our Vermont lakefront vacation rentals reserved for the folks who crave a quirky adventure like no other. This bright tomato red converted 1955 motor home sits right on Lake Hortonia in the Vermont Lake Region. It permeates laid-back beach vibes with its prime location and vintage decor.

This 2-bedroom, 1-bath lake cabin is perfect for you and three more guests. When you step in, you’ll love the natural light coming in all the jalousie windows (that really maximize the cabin feel) in the main living space. The original “open concept,” there’s just enough seating in the living room and dining area for everyone to make themselves comfortable. The sofa is the best of all things: quaint and comfortable and beckoning to come in and put our feet up. On those hot days, there’s a thru-wall AC unit in the living area to cool down the community living areas and provide maximum comfort for you and your guests. The small kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator, oven, and microwave so you can easily stock up on groceries, prepare large meals, or simply heat up some takeout. Better yet, skip the kitchen gadgets and instead opt to eat outside. A bag of chips, a bag of baby carrots, and a hot dog on a stick never tasted so good as it does with a little charcoal and dirt around a fire pit on the shoreline.

As you move your way to the back of the trailer, you’ll find a small bedroom with a built-in bunk bed perfect for guests that aren’t any taller than 5’10”. The master bedroom has a full-size bed with a window to offer the cool breeze coming in off the lake on those warm days. The bathroom is small, efficient, clean, and adorable. You’ll love all the small details throughout the trailer that remind you being at grandma’s house: like the old wooden cabinets, the glass faucet knobs, and the Formica print laminate countertop.

But perhaps the best part of Kamp Koby is the outdoor space. This is truly lakefront living at its finest. The green grassy lawn stretches from the vacation rental all the way down to the waterfront, making it perfect for lazy days of barefoot romping. Bring some of your favorite outdoor games and have some silly fun—squirt guns, water balloons, soccer balls, you really can’t go wrong. To have some fun on the water, a simple float can provide hours of fun. For the water enthusiast, bring your kayaks, paddleboards, or canoe and get an exemplary workout while soaking up some vitamin D. Or simplify your lake experience with a beach towel, a good book, a crisp beverage, and complete willingness to take an afternoon nap.

The front deck is equipped with a grill so you can experiment with some new fish recipes with all your fresh daily catches. Or if fish isn’t your thing, simply enjoy the multiple outdoor cooking spaces to minimize the hustle and bustle within your lakeside abode. No matter what you do, spend some time outside after the sun goes down to lay eyes on the sparkling and shimmering bouquet of twinkling stars up above. The changing moon, good conversation, self-reflection as you stare at the flames of the campfire and smelling the sweet smell of lake water is exactly what you need to truly relax and unwind.

Because this is a lake retreat, there are certain exceptions to real life rules that we’d like you to consider before your arrival. First, there is no tv. You’ve come for the experience and you won’t get it sitting in front a giant screen, so we’ve taken away the temptation. Second, this remote location means the Wi-Fi is available, but it’s not going to be the fastest and most reliable connection you’ve ever experienced. If this is a dealbreaker, you might want to consider a more central location in town. Third, your furry family members might not have to stay at home. Pets are considered and if approved, a pet fee of $75 per pet will be applied to the reservation. Finally, and this is the most important one: this lake cabin is lake living in all its glory, which means the water to the house comes from the lake as well. It is not drinkable, so be sure to stock up on bottled water.

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Don’t Let This Moment Pass You By At Kamp Koby

Now’s your chance to relive the best days of your childhood on the lake. Now is your chance to provide your kids the lake experience that may very well be the highlight of their entire childhood. Now is the time to gift yourself the lake life you always wished you had. Contact us today to reserve Kamp Koby and experience the best Vermont has to offer.

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