Remember the days when you could party all night and get up and go to work or school the next morning with barely a blink? Sometimes you wore sunglasses until noon, many times your hair was in a messy bun and the remnants of last night’s makeup were puddled under your eyes, and most times by 10 AM you were 100% back to your normal self! We remember and we miss those days, but we wouldn’t change a thing about the people we are today. We find new ways to have fun, especially when it comes to holidays! If you are in the same position as we are, this guide to how to spend your time in Killington in March, celebrating in one of our GetAway Vacations spring escapes!

Mardi Gras, March 5th

If you have ever spent Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you know it’s a mixed blessing. Big parties are combined with massive crowds, and this celebration of gluttony can be taken to the extreme! Mardi Gras in Killington, however, can be a low-key but fun experience even without leaving your home! Mardi Gras isn’t the same without beads, so why not stop by the Dollar Store in nearby Rutland (30 Rutland Shopping Plaza) and pick up a handful? Start out the evening with dinner and a drink at Casey’s Caboose, 1930 Killington Road, and then pick up supplies from the Killington Market, 2023 Killington Road. The party’s happening at your GetAway Vacations home!

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th

Now here’s the thing about St. Patrick’s Day: This isn’t a holiday that people generally spend alone at home, so we get it if you want to enjoy your green beer with a more than a few soon-to-be friends at the Lookout Tavern! Kick it old school at the pinball machines and pool tables, as you lift your beer in toast to all your fellow Irish men for the day; just don’t forget to wear green! For those who prefer to stay in for the night, your vacation home away from home can be a major part of your celebration! Play some board games, pull up The Departed on Netflix, and if you rented one of our hot tub homes, end the night with a toast to St. Patrick on the deck as you simmer in the bubbles with your favorite traveling partner!

Earth Hour, March 30th

Some events are raucous celebrations designed to show off how well you can “hang” with the best, and others are intimate activities that can be impactful in other ways. Earth Hour got its start in 2007 in Australia, and the concept is a simple one: From 8:30pmto 9:30 pm, as you are nestled away in one of our sweet homes, just turn off the lights. That’s all it takes, just a flick of the switch and you’re doing your part for the environment and the Earth.No one will blame you if you choose to take these 60 minutes or more to do some cuddling in front of the fire, so enjoy!

Your GetAway Vacations Celebration Headquarters for Killington in March

However, you choose to spend your Killington in March holidays, choosing to spend them in our GetAway Vacations holiday escapes will be the best decision you’ve made all year. Reserve yours today

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