If watching a spider spin a web is enough to send you running for the hills, prepare to have your mind changed! Knight’s Spider Web Farm in Williamstown, Vermont, is a studio and gift shop owned by Will Knight, an artist who uses spider webs to produce art. With just a few sheds and some wooden panels, Knight utilizes the talent of these eight-legged crawlers to create artwork that attracts tourists from around the world. His farm has been featured on the Today Show, You Asked For It, and Real People. It’s also be featured in several travel guides. If you’re planning a trip to VT, be sure to visit this unique and special place.

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What Is Knight’s Spider Web Farm?


After losing his job working for the state highway department, Will Knight and his wife Terry started a farm in 1978. They quickly noticed an abundance of spiders on the farm and admired their fragile and intricate web designs. Knight began filling his sheds with hanging structures and spider egg sacs to encouraging the spiders to weave. He then began collecting these webs and using them as a form of textile art. Today, Will Knight is known affectionately as the Spiderweb Man.

Real Webs for Sale

The process of creating spiderweb art is a delicate one. Will Knight first harvests the web, sprays it with white paint, then smooths it onto a piece of wood. Finally, he coats the surface with lacquer to create a smooth finish. Because each spider web is unique, no two pieces are the same. Guests may purchase these natural masterpieces online or in the gift shop at the farm. The shop also features an assortment of arachnid-related paraphernalia, including spiderweb doormats and postcards. Visit their website for details on pricing.

Plan Your Visit

Knight’s Spider Web Farm and Gift Shop is open every weekend through Christmas from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The farm is also located near a number of popular attractions including the Ben & Jerry’s Factory, The Vermont State Capital, Morse’s Sugar Shack, and Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Spend an afternoon visiting the farm and other local hotspots before heading back to your home in Killington, VT.

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