Who doesn’t love a good Lion King reference during their getaway? If you are looking for the perfect vacation rental that will bring you no worries, consider our Hakuna Matata property here in Killington. We strive to provide the best rental properties all across Killington and the surrounding area, and Hakuna Matata is no exception. This property is perfect for those looking for the rustic cabin ambiance many come to Vermont to experience. Let’s take a look through this highly desirable rental property:

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Approaching the Property

When you first arrive at Hakuna Matata, you will be feeling like a Vermont native right away. This rustic home is the shade of red you expect from rural farmhouses. The home is situated on a perfectly sized lot that is fenced in. There is plenty of space for your kids to run around playing games or for your canine companion to relax and take in the beautiful weather. Hakuna Matata is a two-story home and features a separate shed that is designed to be a mirror image of the main building. On the back patio deck, you can find a full sized BBQ grill, letting you grill up dinner in a matter of minutes. Don’t miss out on opportunity to see a clear view of the stars overhead at night!

Entering Hakuna Matata

When you first enter the Hakuna Matata rental, you will notice all of the space in the lower level of the home. Stretch yourself out on one of two full-sized couches. The flat screen TV in the living area lets you stay connected with all of your favorite shows and movies. The wood fire furnace found next to one of the sofas lets you stay warm even during the coldest of winters. The dining area is found adjacent to the living area and has large dining room table with plenty of space for all 6 guests the home can comfortably sleep. The mahogany wood of the dinner table and dining room shelf perfectly match the aesthetics of the living area. As you enter the kitchen, your eyes will immediately notice the full-size kitchen appliances, including a stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Hakuna Matata comes equipped with all of the necessary pots, pans, and cutlery to help you whip up a feast for your family. The microwave and toaster oven make it even easier to heat up something quickly.

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3 Bedrooms for You

Hakuna Matata features three separate bedrooms on the second floor that will comfortably sleep six individuals. The main bedroom features a queen-sized bed with plenty of closet space. The views look down upon the sprawling yard so you can see what everyone is up to. The second bedroom has two twin sized beds that is perfect for older children. The third bedroom will become an absolute favorite for the little ones as the room features a huge Bambi painting on the wall. This room also features dual twin beds that are perpendicular to each other. Each room is located on the second story, allowing early sleepers to be undisturbed by those downstairs during the stay.

1.5 Bathrooms

Hakuna Matata also features 1.5 bathrooms here in the home. The full-sized bathroom is located on the second story, allowing easy access during the night. This bathroom comes complete with a standing shower/tub combo. The half bathroom is located downstairs, allowing easy access for guests who are hanging out in the living area or kitchen. This half bathroom is also where you can find the onsite washing and drying machine. You can easily wash any clothes that get dirty from exploring Killington.

Amenities and Much More

Having access to a variety of amenities can make or break any experience in a vacation rental. We are happy to report that Hakuna Matata features a variety of amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable. Guests can remain connected to the world with the high-speed internet access. As mentioned, the home is pet friendly, but the property owners must approve pets for each stay. The home itself is secluded from more popular areas of Killington. You can find lakes and streams nearby where you can enjoy a variety of water-based activities. The Killington SkyShip Gondola is just a 9-mile drive away, and here you can find beautiful views of the area. Please note the Gondola is not in operation during the winter months. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, including Long Trail Brewery, where you can find handcrafted ales and food. Due to the location of Hakuna Matata, we strongly recommend a vehicle with 4-wheel drive to enter and leave the property during the winter season.

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More Fun in Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is a worthy addition to our selection of exclusive vacation rentals. This property along with all the others are cleaned extensively to ensure your safety during these trying times. Take a break from the world and enjoy our Hakuna Matata property here in Killington.

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